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Doriana’s latest video reports

By Doriana // Friday 21 Dec // 15:27:09 // View

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Find out what Doriana has been up to since the voyage.

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Watch Doriana’s last video report from the Arctic.

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Watch Doriana’s video diary

By Doriana // Thursday 20 Sep // 14:45:27 // View

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Thurs 20th Sept, 3pm GMT (10am Nunavut)
Watch Doriana’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard (duration: 1:10mins). Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Victor Sammurtok School join Doriana online for a quick QA at 3pm GMT (10am Nunavut). Follow the link below!
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Doriana’s Live Arctic QA

By Doriana // Thursday 20 Sep // 14:40:31 // 52 Comments // View

Live QA session is now closed

Doriana’s Live Arctic QA Session

Thurs 20th Sept, 3.30pm GMT (10.30am Nunavut)
Following Doriana’s video diary broadcast she will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on this page from 3.30pm GMT onwards on Thurs 20th Sept. To take part check back and follow the instructions below.
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Doriana in the evening

By Doriana // Wednesday 19 Sep // 21:47:15 // View


Doriana in the evening, Ny-Alesund.

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Update from Ny Alesund

By Doriana // Sunday 16 Sep // 12:45:46 // View

We’re Now In Ny Alesund. Saw Some Glaciers, Watched Them Fall, Was Awesome!.
I’m Good, I’m Ok, It’s Getting Colder. Didn’t See Any Other Animals.
Some Of The Others Are Already Doing Their Science Projects. I’m Still Waiting To Talk To A Scientist.
See You All Soon.


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First Day Of Voyage

By Doriana // Saturday 15 Sep // 22:46:28 // 4 Comments // View


Finally On The Ship, After A Week Of Preparation. We left Longyearbyen At Around 6:30 Supper Time. Then Me, Hailey And Jozef Also Students, Had The First Shift Of Look-Outs. So As Usual, I Was First To Steer the Ship,, I’m So Proud Of Myself!, And I Was The First To Go up In Front of The Ship Where There is A Net We Can Stand On, But I Had To Use A Safety Rope, So I A Limited Area To Walk On.. I Couldn’t Go Right to The Tip That Was BORING!!!. Our Look-Out Shifts Are 2-3 Hours Long, And We’re In 4 Groups Of 3 People per Group. So Far We Haven’t Seen Anything, but Sure Enough We’ll See Something Tomorrow! I’m Finally Feeling Excited, Just Because I Know That I’ll Be Asking Some Scientist Questions About The Future And I’ll Be Doing My Research! Can’t Wait..
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Short, fat, raindeer

By Doriana // Saturday 15 Sep // 02:45:18 // View

Good Morning, this Morning We Saw A Short, Fat, Raindeer, It Was Only One; I Didn’t Feel Like Shooting It, Because It Looked To Small.

We Just Came From A Long Walk, It Wasn’t Too Bad. We Saw a Old Dead Fox, And A Dead Reindeer, It Looked Young, And We Saw Lots Of Birds Too, But They Were Far. When We Got Back, We Ended Up Seeing A Nanuq, Everybody Went Crazy!, But It Was Really Far And It Seemed Like It Was Following The Way We Walked..

Theres This Guy Who Can Inuktuuq, He Said He Lived in Greenland For Whatever Many Years,, So Now I Don’t Feel So Left Out, Because Before We Got On The Ship Everybody Else Had Someone To Talk To In Their Own Language, But now I’m


I Have A Look Out Shift At 2 In The Morning Till 4, Just A 2 Hour Shift, But, Yay! I get To Stay Up With The People Back Home. Remember I’m, 7 hours A Head.. The Rest Of Today, We Hardly Did Anything, But We Did Put The Sails Up, It Was Fun, And Hard Work, And It Help Us Stay Warm, Duh. The Temp, I Like Plus 1, So It’s Not Cloudy At All.. Most Of The Peeps Say their Dying…lmao, In Plus ONE!. I Don’t Really Know What To Talk About Now.. Good Day Mates.:D

Just Finished My Shift, I Kept Falling Asleep. There Was This Nauyajuaq That Kept Going Around The Ship, It Looked Like It Wanted to Attempt A Landing, but When It Got Close Enough, It Would Just Turn Around And Kept Coming Back, It Even Got Creepy..
Going To Bed. So Long Suckers.


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Start Off Of “B’s” Voyage:D

By Doriana // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:23:42 // View

hello To My Peeps!

Sorry I Didnt See The Queen In London, We Were Always Too Busy.

Well. i am now in Svalbard!! Reminds me of home! i mean the weather, not the mountains:( But Still Cool!

We Just Got In Today, Wednesday The 13th Of September.

We left London at 7pm, london time, so that would be 11 in the morning in chester.

We Went through Stolkholm Sweden, Where Abba And Matts Sunden Was Originally From. Then We Passed Through Oslo Norway and Tromso Norway. Now We’re Finilly In Longyearbine Svalbard!! Yay!”.

So We Are Now In A Youth Centre. Its awesome here, its like a house, it has a foos ball table, a pool table up stairs, couches, a tv, a Dj area, a room just to hang out, i guess, oh and a washroom:P.. And We Should Be Setting sail Tomorrow!, Were staying at a hotel, for tonight. It has lots of seal skins, seal skins almost every where!. Oh and we went to a museum. Most if not all of the animals here are like the ones from home, but they have raindeer, and we have caribou. Their raindeer are TINY!, i mean their fat, but they have short lags!, their like 4 feet tall to the

So, ill be answering you all, 20th of september, miss you all.



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*London Eye!*

By Doriana // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:25:28 // 16 Comments // View

Hey Peeps:D

So far, i’ve been very busy. We had a launch 2 days ago. At the launch we did a movement dance thingy, i qiuvaaq and the others moved with it.

After that we went boating and was vidoe taped so i think it’ll show. i hope you guys saw all the interviews i had to do since i was here.

Oh, And Almost Forgot!, make sure all of you, see my video, that should show on thurday the 20th of sept at 10 O’clock. I Should be on at 10:30 in the same morning, answering your questions.

I hope ya’ll ive me some awesome quesions, that will give me more to actually think about. And with some of the questions, i should be answerin with a video!.

Miss you guys, see you soon.



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Arctic Q/A Session: Doriana

By Doriana // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:02:54 // 5 Comments // View

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Watch the first clip from Doriana at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)
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