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Conference on 29 November

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Creative Partnerships are sponsoring a mini conference to evaluate and learn the lessons of CFYE 2007. This will take place on the 29th November in London. We hope that each school will send : the participant, the key co-ordinator, 1 member of the ground team.

We will be sending out an evaluation sheet very soon to help you prepare for the conference. We particularly want to invite teachers who have been Cape Farewell key co-ordinators to come along and share their thoughts with the conference.

Could you all let Colin know as a matter of urgency if you can make it! We know that Shona, Amelie, Doriana ( hopefully) and Rebecca Zalatan are preparing to come over from Canada, so we hope that you will try your very best.

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Cross platform mind blowing soul shifting skill building opinion forming Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 !

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your soulful posts Now then! what’s next ? We all had a marvelous, purposeful experience which was also fun. It fulfilled the objectives we set for ourselves more than a year ago, better than we could possibly hope for
We have a lot of images, footage, project material to work with, and once we have rested a bit we’ll start thinking about the follow up… how to share all that we did and learnt together.

Phew! There’s video to cut, photos to share and projects to complete. Above all we want to help you voyagers and your ground crew continue making an impact in your schools and communities.

We’re also planning a conference at the South Bank Centre to learn the lessons and spread the word of our achievement to other schools. This will help us to plan further work and voyages. Can’t give a specific date yet but we’ll let you all know soon.

Meanwhile if you need pictures, sounds or specific pieces of footage to help you in completing your project and working in the school then let us know what it is and we’ll make a list and get started.

Even if it wasn’t filmed on our voyage we may well have useful stuff from previous voyages eg funky close ups of Plankton, diagrams of the ocean circulation, carbon cycle in the deep ocean etc. It’s worth asking!

Love and changes


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Furthest North

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Colin here. Can’t believe I haven’t had time to make a post till now! We are about to leave Ny Alesund and head south again. Akash is next to me doing the final live Q and A session before we set off. Thanks to Kathy Barber and all at Bullet, Jess at Big Heart Media, Hannah at Cape Farewell central , and particularly Base Commander Sverdrup Institute, Trond, Karl, Jack and all the scientists at the Norwegian Polar Instititute, we have been able to keep our site bubbling with blogs videos and posts. They have also helped us to see how real scientists work on climate change related isssues.

Look out for everyone’s Video 3s summing up what they have been feeling and achieving – also some stunning footage of everybody actually SWIMMING in the King’s Bay last night. Mad or what? Climate change is definitely biting if most people felt able to swim at latitude 78 degrees 56 minutes! Everyone says snow is very late this year. Usually they have a big snow fall early in September

Last night we were all out on the quayside quite late watching Dan prepare his latest sculpture -burning ice – a large iceberg which Joe and I helped him to fish out of the bay on Wednesday with the help of Capt Arne Christofer and the King’s Bay tug – (see the image bank)

We’re all looking forward to the football match with the youth club at Longyearbyen tomorrow ! We’re not looking forward to saying goodbye to this very special place where we have shared so much together and learnt a lot about each other and this precious world we share.

Keep looking out for those reports!

Make a difference!

Love and changes – The Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 at Furthest North!

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TO ALL SCHOOLS: Please put in your questions to the youth voyagers early!

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Our voyagers will be looking at your submitted questions 12 hours earlier than expected due to scheduling conflicts.  Please make sure to put in all your comments and questions ahead of schedule. They are all looking forward to your support and inquiries.

Please note: the time of video posting and the Q & A section will remain as planned.

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Profile: Colin Izod

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Colin Izod (Project Director)
An ex English Teacher, Colin’s current day job is making broadcast TV and online media for education with his own company Big Heart Media.  On the first voyage in 2003 he helped to create Cape Farewell’s first educational resource – the GCSE Geography package  North To Svalbard and on the 2004 voyage the GCSE science resource Life in The Water. Taking a group of teenagers to Svalbard on the Noorderlicht has been an ambition ever since the first Cape Farewell voyage.

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