Furthest North

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Colin here. Can’t believe I haven’t had time to make a post till now! We are about to leave Ny Alesund and head south again. Akash is next to me doing the final live Q and A session before we set off. Thanks to Kathy Barber and all at Bullet, Jess at Big Heart Media, Hannah at Cape Farewell central , and particularly Base Commander Sverdrup Institute, Trond, Karl, Jack and all the scientists at the Norwegian Polar Instititute, we have been able to keep our site bubbling with blogs videos and posts. They have also helped us to see how real scientists work on climate change related isssues.

Look out for everyone’s Video 3s summing up what they have been feeling and achieving – also some stunning footage of everybody actually SWIMMING in the King’s Bay last night. Mad or what? Climate change is definitely biting if most people felt able to swim at latitude 78 degrees 56 minutes! Everyone says snow is very late this year. Usually they have a big snow fall early in September

Last night we were all out on the quayside quite late watching Dan prepare his latest sculpture -burning ice – a large iceberg which Joe and I helped him to fish out of the bay on Wednesday with the help of Capt Arne Christofer and the King’s Bay tug – (see the image bank)

We’re all looking forward to the football match with the youth club at Longyearbyen tomorrow ! We’re not looking forward to saying goodbye to this very special place where we have shared so much together and learnt a lot about each other and this precious world we share.

Keep looking out for those reports!

Make a difference!

Love and changes – The Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 at Furthest North!

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  1. Lynne Porter Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 13:09:00

    Just trying to invite Prof Mark Maslin to a Natural Environment Research Council event and got redirected to this amazing expedition. Well done everyone and have a safe journey home.

    Best regards Lynne

  2. Moorhead Sports College Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 6:53:18

    hopefully you’ll get this before the match, our amy’s a brilliant football player!! she’ll love that! sounds like the cold weathers sent you all barkin mad, swiming there. sounds like freezing fun, thankyou for selecting amy for this wonderful expierance and for exposing all our family, friends and neigbours to climate change, i and many others will be following your next vouge next week. it really has made us think about global warming and how we can reduce our carbon foot print, i’m even considering running to work, instead of taking the car, thanks again, caroline sturgess, amys mum :o)

  3. Deborah & Adrian Chisman Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 22:00:07

    Just a note to say good luck with the next voyage and thanks for giving Jethro this amazing experience. We can’t wait to hear his tales! Also it has been fantastic following your progress on the website, the amazement and awe from the kids really shone through in the film and blogs. We are looking forward to watching the next trip.

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