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Songs and words to do with climate change

By Hayley // Monday 3 Sep // 21:34:23 // View

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Watch footage from the workshops at Kidbrooke and get an introduction to Hayley’s projects. (Duration: 41 secs)

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Floods and gestures

By Franziska // Monday 3 Sep // 21:27:13 // View

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Meet Franziska and watch footage filmed earlier this year from workshops at Lise-Meitner Gymnasium. (Duration: 33 secs)

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A new story for climate change

By Lydia // Monday 3 Sep // 20:00:11 // 1 Comment // View

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“I want to write a new story with a climate change theme” Hear more about Lydia’s project and what she plans to do during the voyage. (Duration: 1:11 mins)

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Profile: Liam

By Liam // Monday 3 Sep // 12:56:10 // 5 Comments // View


Riddlesdown High School, Croydon, UK

Science Project
Liam wants to study the difference in salinity of the water from various sources: open sea / by a glacier / along the shoreline etc.The density of water is affected by temperature and salinity which are crucial components in the study of how ocean currents work. Any changes in ocean currents will affect the climate.

Art Project
Liam will collect footage and examples of all the science/art work done on the voyage to build into a “Science Road-show” that will be taken to primary schools and community groups in the local area. The aim is to convey the issues of climate change to others in the community.

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Profile: Amy

By Amy // Monday 3 Sep // 12:54:45 // 23 Comments // View


Moorhead Sports College, Accrington, East Lancs, UK

Science Project
Amy wants to know which of the two – global warming; or global dimming – is having the most effect on the Arctic? She will collect data about the amount of pollutants, especially sulphates.

Art Project
Amy wants to create a drama piece on her return. She also plans to keep a diary whilst in the Arctic written from the point of view of a doll, (dressed in Arctic gear), who is effectively being taken for an adventure! 

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Profile: Lydia

By Lydia // Monday 3 Sep // 12:49:05 // 1 Comment // View


Walddörfer Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany

Science Project
Lydia’s project is about the climate in Svalbard and how it has changed over the years. She will work with scientists in Svalbard to collect data about air pollutants and carbon dioxide.

Art Project
Lydia hopes to write a children’s story based on the life of a polar bear. She will base it on her research during the voyage and images she brings back.

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Profile: Josef

By Josef // Monday 3 Sep // 12:47:23 // 14 Comments // View


Parkview Community School, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, UK

Science Project
Josef wants to investigate how plankton populations have changed. He will take plankton samples and compare his results with data taken 25 years ago. Plankton are a good indicator of key changes to the ocean and the Arctic Food Chain

Art Project
He plans to compose a piece of music to convey his feelings based on what he learns and experiences whilst in the Artic.

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Profile: Franzi

By Franziska // Monday 3 Sep // 12:43:43 // 9 Comments // View


Franziska (Franzi)
Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany

Science Project
Franzi wants to look at the type of plankton that can be found at different depths in the water and how they are affected by salinity and the melting of glaciers. Plankton are the vital component of the Arctic Food Chain. 

Art Project
Franzi hopes to find inspiration from the images of the plankton she sees.  She will observe the way they move, their colours and shapes and wants to create a “Black Light Theatre” performing arts piece that incorporates images of plankton.

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