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Back to reality

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Well I’ve spent a few days resting and taking it easy after an exhausted series of flights home. Although I am happy to be back, I miss the tranquility of the Arctic.  After spending hours doing laundry and sorting my stuff back into place, I finally sat down to reflect on my experience.

I miss the energy and dynamics of everyone who was on board. We all played a significant part in the making of this expedition and without each and every one of us, the experience would have been different. I’m glad that I got to be there to share it with all of you.

The journey isn’t over. We still have a lot of work to do to spread the news about climate change to our friends, colleagues, parents, teachers and anyone who wishes to listen. You don’t have to be a climate change activist to inspire people, you just have to tell them your story as you see it, in your own words. The most inspiring and interesting stories are ones that come from the heart.

So go out and tell the world about Cape Farewell. Even if you have to resort to telling the funny or silly stories about our journey. At the very least, you’ll become a good story teller. 

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Cross platform mind blowing soul shifting skill building opinion forming Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 !

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your soulful posts Now then! what’s next ? We all had a marvelous, purposeful experience which was also fun. It fulfilled the objectives we set for ourselves more than a year ago, better than we could possibly hope for
We have a lot of images, footage, project material to work with, and once we have rested a bit we’ll start thinking about the follow up… how to share all that we did and learnt together.

Phew! There’s video to cut, photos to share and projects to complete. Above all we want to help you voyagers and your ground crew continue making an impact in your schools and communities.

We’re also planning a conference at the South Bank Centre to learn the lessons and spread the word of our achievement to other schools. This will help us to plan further work and voyages. Can’t give a specific date yet but we’ll let you all know soon.

Meanwhile if you need pictures, sounds or specific pieces of footage to help you in completing your project and working in the school then let us know what it is and we’ll make a list and get started.

Even if it wasn’t filmed on our voyage we may well have useful stuff from previous voyages eg funky close ups of Plankton, diagrams of the ocean circulation, carbon cycle in the deep ocean etc. It’s worth asking!

Love and changes


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The Bruise Blog..

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Hey Everyone..
..I said i was going to add a bruise blog to let everyone know how my leg was, so here goes…
…It’s fine! I was really disappointed, like Jess’ eye it went yellow and was  swollen but then a couple of days on it doesn’t hurt or anything. There’s no pictures because it’s faded. I’m quite annoyed that my body decided to heal itself so quickly. Grrrr!
Amy-Love Always…

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