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Get well soon Lydia

By Cape Farewell // Thursday 6 Sep // 17:35:38 // View

Earlier this week we had some sad news that Lydia, one of the students joining the voyage from Germany was not able to go to the Arctic due to illness. Katharina will be going to the Arctic on behalf of Lydia and her school.

The whole Cape Farewell team are wishing you a speedy recovery Lydia. We’re sorry you couldn’t make it to the Arctic, but your involvement so far has been fantastic and I’m sure you’re going to carry on doing great things for your school and climate change.

get well soon

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Profile: Katharina

By Katharina // Thursday 6 Sep // 16:34:16 // 15 Comments // View


Walddörfer Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany

Science Project
Katharina’s project is about the climate in Svalbard and how it has changed over the years. She will work with scientists in Svalbard to collect data about air pollutants and carbon dioxide.

Art Project
Katharina hopes to write a children’s story based on the life of a polar bear. She will base it on her research during the voyage and images she brings back.

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It’s going to be hot & I hate it

By Doriana // Thursday 6 Sep // 14:42:39 // View

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“Hi I’m Doriana. It’s almost summertime… it’s going to be hot and I hate it.” Meet Doriana in footage from the workshops at Victor Sammurtok School and hunting caribou near Igluligaarjuk in Nunavut.  
(Duration: 46 secs)

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Flooding, drowning, help

By Akash // Thursday 6 Sep // 11:40:39 // View

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Hear from Akash and the Cape Farewell crew at Villiers High School, in footage filmed at the workshops earlier this year.
(Duration: 1:02 mins)

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Top down or bottom up?

By Nonie // Thursday 6 Sep // 10:09:08 // 5 Comments // View

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“What worries me about it is the fact that we won’t see it coming until it’s right here and right now… that’s climate change creeping up and us ignoring what’s happening…  until it’s there in our face and we can’t do anything about it.” Meet Nonie and hear from her in footage from the workshops at Canford School earlier this year. (Duration: 1:03 mins)

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