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Profile: Doriana

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Victor Sammurtok School, Chesterfield Inlet (Igluligaarjuk) Nunavut, Canada

Science Project
Doriana wants to investigate and understand the traditional Inuit “elders” perception of climate change and the changes that are happening to their environments in order to compare them with current scientific views on the topic. In Svalbard she is looking specifically at weather patterns over time.

Art Project
Doriana sings in the ancient Inuit tradition of ‘throat-singing’. She will create songs inspired by her experiences on the voyage and perform them. (See Doriana throat singing in the Canada documentary on the website!)

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Profile: School Teams

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Just as important as the work of the 12 students going to the Arctic is the work that happens in their schools, before, during and after the voyage. Each of the schools organised an initial group of 20 which took part in a media and movement workshop given by Colin and Suba. They had fun creating movement pieces in small groups on the theme of climate change. Working in pairs, as camera / presenter teams, they also made mini films about climate change.

From this group of 20, five were selected to form a ground crew from which the final voyage participant was drawn. Each member of the ground crew will help to keep interest high in climate change issues within their school and community during and after the voyage.

UK Schools and Participants
Akash from Villiers High School, Southall
Josef from Parkview School, Barrow-in-Furness
Hayley from Kidbrooke School, South East London
Liam from Riddlesdown School, Croydon
Amy from Moorhead Sports College, Accrington
Nonie from Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset
Jethro from Frome Community College, Somerset

Canadian Schools and Participants
Doriana from Victor Sammurtok School, Igluligaarjuk (Chesterfield Inlet), Nunavut
Shona from Heritage High School, Montreal
Amélie from Chambly Academy, Montreal

German Schools and Participants
Franziska from Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium, Hamburg
Katharina (and Lydia) from Walddörfer Gesamtschule, Hamburg

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Profile: Nonie

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Canford School, Dorset, UK

Science Project
Nonie hopes to answer the question “Is the ice melting from the top or the bottom?” through her research in Svalbard.  She wants to research the effects of the air temperature and sea temperature on ice melting. 

Art Project
Nonie wants to create symbolic representations of what is happening to the earth as a result of global climate change.

We would like to send a big thank you to Greenstone Carbon Management for sponsoring Nonie on the expedition.
Greenstone Carbon Management

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Profile: Shona

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Heritage High School, Montreal, Canada

Science Project
Shona wants to find out if the glaciers on Svalbard are melting, by studying the mass balance of a glacier. She will find out about the age of a glacier and its characteristics.

Art Project
She’d like to capture the beauty and significance of the Arctic’s glaciers and create a photographic installation in the entrance hall to her school.

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Profile: Jethro

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Frome Community College, Frome, Somerset, UK

Science Project
Jethro wants to find out how the salinity of the sea is affected by the melting of sea ice and glacial ice. 

Art Project
Jethro wants to create “An Exhibition for the Senses” using sound, artwork, photos, video clips and textures.

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