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Victor Sammurtok School, Chesterfield Inlet (Igluligaarjuk) Nunavut, Canada

Science Project
Doriana wants to investigate and understand the traditional Inuit “elders” perception of climate change and the changes that are happening to their environments in order to compare them with current scientific views on the topic. In Svalbard she is looking specifically at weather patterns over time.

Art Project
Doriana sings in the ancient Inuit tradition of ‘throat-singing’. She will create songs inspired by her experiences on the voyage and perform them. (See Doriana throat singing in the Canada documentary on the website!)

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  1. Hayley Wednesday 26 Sep, 2007 // 12:25:48

    Hey B hayley here just to say i miss you so much and hopefully we can see eachother soon so miss ya lv ya xxxxx

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