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Profile: Dan Harvey

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Dan Harvey (Artist and Art Mentor)
Dan Harvey is an artist who has been on all the voyages to date with his partner Heather Ackroyd. Together they have created many memorable pieces of art as a result of their experiences in Svalbard. Dan will help the 12 pupils with their individual art projects and create a collective piece of art.

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Brain coral muse

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Hear from Liam on what inspired his film project and his motivation for being on the voyage. (Duration: 48 secs)

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And it’s gone…

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“I would like to see what climate change is doing to the planet up front.” Meet Jethro and get an introduction to his projects – with a bit of song and dance thrown in.  (Duration: 1:03 mins)

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Getting people thinking

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“Young people have a voice and it should be heard” Hear from Shona on glacier mass balance and getting people thinking. (Duration: 30 secs)

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Profile: Hayley

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Kidbrooke High School, South East London, UK

Science Project
Hayley wants to investigate different types of wildlife in Svalbard specifically tufted saxifrage, arctic willow, polar bears, bearded seals and arctic foxes. With the help of the others, she will record the names and numbers of all the animal and plant life they see during the trip 

Art Project
Hayley plans to create a collage/diary of her voyage experiences.

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