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Back to Normal Life

By Jethro // Friday 28 Sep // 15:17:53 // View

Hello all,

Being back in the normal life is a wierd experience, I’ve been feeling a bit land sick if you know what I mean, I’m used to there being a little bit of rocking at least 12 hours a day. I’ve been recognised around school a lot and people I don’t even know have been talking to me!

Anyway, I would like to say that everyone on the boat was great and thanks to Dan, Jess, Mark, Keith etc.. for helping us with our projects and a big thanks to Colin and Suba for making this possible for us all, it was really great and hopefully we’ll all be able to meet up once again.

Tally Pip,


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Just a Dream?

By Katharina // Friday 28 Sep // 14:37:28 // View

Hey everyone!

It’s hard to believe, that this should be the reality. I feel like I dreamed everything about our trip. The amazing things we saw, the fun we had together and you all. Just a dream. Two different worlds and me between them. I’m happy to be back at home, to see my family, tell my friends everything about you and the Arctic, but it hurts to see how uninterested most are in climate change and the future of the Arctic. I can’t understand it. They all do as though erverything is perfect, but it isn’t. I know it and it seems that you are the only ones, who know it, too.

Today in school I told my class everything about the voyage. It’s normal that nearly everybody talks in lessons, but this time everyone listened. I was really surprised, but I think it’s a good sign and maybe (I hope so) they understood what I wanted to say! It’s important that EVERYONE does something against the climate change!

My classteacher allowed Lydia and me to work on the children’s story in Art lessons!

I miss you all soooooo much and every day increasingly!

I hope we’ll see us all soon!

Ina xxx

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