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Jethro Chisman is a dude that will create some bangin’ arctic tunes

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Hello again, Sorry about the problems on the blog, it was a problem with the host of the website.
The first days in Ny Alesund have been great! Ny Alesund is a scientific research community which we are docking at for the next few days. The water here is wavy because weather is getting rougher.

Yesterday we went back to the glacier that I shot my video next to, we didn’t walk on it this time but we created a brilliant piece of art using the ice. We made a sort of wall with a seat in the middle, it’s hard to explain but it was incredible. While we were doing this we saw a huge piece of ice break off the glacier. The noise that it made was thunderous!

Today we went to London; it’s an island just off the shore of Ny Alesund. When we went up to the top of the first hill on the island we saw a reindeer. It was incredible, we went within a few metres of it and it just briefly looked at us and carried on eating the plants there. To those that asked I’m working on the bangin’ arctic tunes.

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Dance/movement piece

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Suba Subramaniam worked with the students to create a group dance/movement piece this afternoon. See the images below of the students practicing the dance piece and an image of the final piece. More soon…



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Crumbling glaciers and Arctic dancing…

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How’s it going? Have been having an amazing time, sorry I couldn’t do the live blogging yesterday- the website wasn’t working. Ny Alesund is the most northerly town in the world- and at the moment probably the quietest- it almost feels deserted although quite a lot of research etc. goes on here. I hope you saw my video that was posted yesterday- if you did you would have heard me talk about the glacier we saw crumbling- yesterday afternoon an even bigger bit broke off and now there is a massive great chunk of ice sitting in the sea which wasn’t there two days ago. The face of the glacier has changed so much in the 3 days we have been here- it is scary how much to think it will have changed in a year’s time. What is even more scary is the noise the ice makes as it breaks- like thunder- and the way the water erupts in a huge wave and floods onto the beach.

We also completed our group art project yesterday- an arrangement of ice and ice sculptures in shapes, walls and balances- the piece was all about balance and hopefully you will see some good pictures of it soon. Everyone worked together to complete it and it took a while- it was such a sense of achievement to finish it and to see what we had created.

Today we were doing a dance piece in a place called ‘London’ on an island called Blomstrand- it was a very reflective piece of Indian movement and we were all spread out on the rocks down to the beach – it should be pretty awesome to watch because we were all moving together and with this beautiful background behind us- it was a very peaceful and relaxing thing to do but just a little bit cold!- I couldn’t feel my toes at the end even though I had 8 layers and about 3 pairs of socks on!

Hope you’re all good, thanks for all your comments and sorry I can’t answer them all!

Love Nonie xx x xx x xx

P.S. My big toes misses you too thank you Kate and Emily! !
And Gaby you don’t get Eskimos in the Norweigan Arctic!

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Latest images from Svalbard

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 17:20:11 // 10 Comments // View


Latest images from the Arctic.

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Amélie’s Live Arctic QA

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The Live QA session is now over  
Amélie’s Live Arctic QA Archive

Tues 18th Sept, 4.30pm GMT (now over view the arctive below)
Following Amélie’s video diary broadcast she was online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes. View the transcript below.
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Amélie’s video now live!

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Tues 18th Sept, 4pm GMT (12noon Montreal)
Watch Amélie’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. (Duration: 1:35 mins)

Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Chambly Academy join Amélie online for a quick QA at 4.30pm GMT (12.30pm Montreal). Follow the link below!
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Josef’s Live Arctic QA Archive

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Live QA session is now closed

Join Josef’s Live Arctic QA

Tues 18th Sept, 10.30am GMT (11.30am UK)
We hope you enjoyed Josef’s video diary broadcast direct from Longyearbyen. Josef will be online live from the Arctic until 11am GMT (12noon UK) to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on this page, just follow the instructions below and use the comment box to join in.
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Howdy Everyone,
Its Akash here up in the Arctic. I thought I would give you an update on what’s going on. Yesterday was so amazing we saw glaciers collapse like five times which was amazing because that just showed us that global warming is happening. Also yesterday it was Suba birthday which was amazing we had so much fun dancing around the ship and watching everyone enjoy the nice cake made by Anna.

So that’s my bit done.
Got to go.

Akash – Best Captain on board


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Josef’s video now live!

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Tues 18th Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Watch Josef’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard as the crew gets ready to sail on the Noorderlicht. (Duration: 1:02 mins)

Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Parkview School join Josef online for a quick QA at 10.30am GMT (11.30am UK). Follow the link below!
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