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By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 09:31:31 // 28 Comments

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  1. Kathy Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:18:07

    Hi all. Josef’s Arctic QA is now open.

  2. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:20:56

    Do people fish there?

    Many industrial fishing companies’ trawlers are upsetting the arctic food chain by over fishng which obviously can present many problems.

  3. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:24:16

    Has this visit changed your view of global warming?

    Definitely. At home, global warming is a phrase that is thrown around so much that it begins to lose meaning. Being up here gives a whole new perspective to global warming and after watching yesterday’s glacier falling into the sea, I’ve realised that it’s quite a destructive one

  4. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:28:39

    How are you feeling about seeing dead animals?

    To be honest, in a way if felt that it was right that those animals should have died the way they did because it’s natural and in a place (mostly) untouched by human activity, any upsetting of the balance makees the place look and feel unnatural.

    The deer had fallen down a mountainside (we could see blood EVERYWHERE) and the fox looked like it may have just died and been pecked at by birds.

  5. Jess Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:30:53

    Hey Joe!

    I know you’ve got quite a few questions to answer, but I’d love to hear more about the art piece youall created yesterday…did any teachers / adults get involved other than Dan?

  6. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:32:01

    What have you enjoyed the most so far?

    The short walk we did at Trygghamna (safe harbour). It was really interesting to be inside such a vast and beautiful wilderness and to be able to interact and explore it was just fantastic. Hopefully we shall be walking later in the day to a place called London!!

  7. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:33:26

    Hi Joe; Dad here, hope you are well, how is life on the Norderlicht

  8. Hannah Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:40:45

    Message from Parkview
    Hi Joe
    How are you?
    We have just watched your video and it looks amazing!! It looks kind of surreal. I was good to see that you were having a good time. So what have you been up to on the boat so far? Have you managed to start your scientific investigation? So far, what has been your highlight of your trip?
    Hope you are ok and having a wonderful time.
    Good to hear from you
    Please reply

  9. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:42:46

    Life is fine but fairly cramped aboard the noorderlicht, although we do spend quite a bit of time doing walks on land or doing night watch which are both interesting.

  10. Kathy Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:45:59

    It looks like we’re still having a few technical problems but please stay with us here!

  11. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:46:28

    How do you stay awake at night, Joe

  12. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:46:50

    Hi John, i’m fine thanks.It’s kind of surreal being here actually; it’s so vast but with so few people. So far i have done about three watch shifts which include steering the boat and hoisting sails etc. We collected the plankton samples yesterday and i was part of the way through identifying the different species when i came to blog.

    The highlight of the trip was the walk at trygghamna which was amazing.

    Thabks for your comment,

    from joe

  13. Kathy Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:47:19

    Joe I’m on the next voyage – the Greenland voyage – following you guys on the Noorderlicht. What’s the one thing you packed that you have been really glad to have?

  14. Hannah Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:47:35

    hey joe ,
    hows it going ? you having fun ? Just watched your video its really good..looked a bit cold though.. what have you been doing since your last post then? have you got started onj the science project? if you have hows it going? was the jorney okay? hows the boat? nice and comfy ? i bet your really happy to be there and i bet itds a really good expierience…..just to let you know that everyone here is really jealous of you and all the other people who are with you
    hope you have a really good time and make som great new friends
    from rosie =] x
    p.s tell amy i say hey =]
    have a good time =]

  15. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:48:49

    Hey joe its jamie we’ve just seen your video blog ,the scenery in the background was amazing it must be a really good experience. I was just wondering how you are getting on with your experiments and art in the arctic. how was the journey up there and have you seen any wildlife in the area you are based in.
    anyhow enjoy the rest the time in the arctic try not to be eaten by a polar bear!
    from Jamie
    write back please!

  16. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:49:09

    What is it like living on a wooden sailing ship and have you hit any storms or rough areas of the sea yet?
    Has any one been sea sick yet?
    Have you engoyed yourself so far?
    I’ve watched your video and it looks great where you are.
    Good luck with the investigation.

  17. Kathy Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:49:34

    Are you acomplishing what you thought you’d be able to?

  18. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:49:35

    Heya Joe, its Sophie Morsby from Parkview,
    Is it as cold as barrow up there? lol because I dont htink anywhere is as cold as barrow.
    My question is,
    What is the Weather Forecast for the next couple of days? because Ive heard it can get a bit rough up there.
    Well, I hope you have a gr8 time, can you do a vidio of the ship?
    I want to know what the ship looks like.
    Weve got a map in the english department and its got a big picture of you on it.
    Say hi to everyone else with you!
    we are getting filmed at the moment so its embarrasing! I might be a film star tomorrow ojojojoj
    can you bring me a little penguin pweeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeeeee! lol
    matty wants a polar bear, but dont bring him 1
    well cya hun xxxx
    P.S Make sure U say hi 2 evry1 for me
    thnx xxxx

  19. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:49:49

    Yes and no. The planton trawls yesterday went really well and we gathered all of the samples that we required but today’s identification of the plankton was proving to be difficult (it’s not as easy as you may think!!). As for art projects, yesterday we did a collaborative piece of art using ice and rocks on the beach in front of a glacier which went really well and we all had a great time!!

  20. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:50:08

    When i was on watch till 4 in the morning, it wasn’t hard to stay awake because i was in charge of steering the ship. also, just talking or even looking at the scenery can pass the time

  21. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:50:39

    Hey joe, its your best bud Chris here.
    how are things? Youre live video was dead good the ice sculptures look amazing! Have you witnessed a glacier breaking away yet?
    Lifes not as fun here as it will be for you. We are all missing you and hope you have a great time. I heard that you have seen a dead arctic fox and some remains of a dead whale. What was it like to see them? Have you actually got round to the new life you have in the Arctic? Hope you haven’t been to sea sick.anyway can’t wait to hear of you. Keep enjoying yourself and make the most of it because your not going to get to experience it again.
    cya soon m8. Chris Harley

  22. parkview Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:53:15

    Hi JOE
    Have you seen any polor bears ?
    becuase i won’t to no lol (bring me 1 back )
    Are you going to send a video back if you are say a big shout out to me LOL
    Are you tired yet ?
    What was the ship like ?
    There is a big picture of you in the English Department lol I would die if i had my picture up their because every 1 can see it .
    Am missing History with mr swales to do this llol i hope your happy O.J
    Have a good time get me some pitures :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    (Matthew Sheppard lamo )
    BRING ME BACK SOME SNOW :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (not yellow snow though ) 😀 yellow snow is good .. green snow is not (: bECCA wants some pink snow
    P.s am sat next to sophie as you can tell she’s nicking eve

  23. Jess Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:53:15

    Joe, Natalie sent these questions to you -you may want to answer in parts if there are lots of queries from others, as tehre seem to be!:

    Hi Jozef,
    It’s Natalie here from the Evening Mail in Barrow.
    It was very interesting reading your latest blog.
    We are looking forward to your video diary tomorrow.
    1. What has been the highlight of your trip so far?
    2. It was amazing to hear that you saw a polar bear. How far away was the polar bear from you?
    3. When you see an animal which is so seriously threatened by global warming, how determined does it make you in this climate change project ?
    4. What visible effects of global warming have your group seen or found through your experiments ?
    5. You mentioned that you met Svalbardian pupils, how is climate change affecting them?
    Please tell us more about the Arctic environment and conditions, and what life is like on the Noorderlicht. Have you found your sea legs yet?
    Thank you and good luck with the rest of your trip.

  24. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:55:41

    No worries about getting eaten Jamie, we have a gun (although there was an incident in Longyearbyen where that happened). Yes, i actually saw a polar bear but most of the other wildlife was dead.



  25. Hannah Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 10:59:10

    Sophie – I can answer one question for you, Joe’s not going to be able to bring back a penguin I’m afraid – they are found in Antartica! Maybe ask him for a polar bear?

  26. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 11:06:49

    Hi Chris!!

    I’m definately adapting to life up here. We watched the glacier breaking away yesterday (the mini tsunami from it nearly took out our ice sculptures!!). It was facinating seeing the remains of the animals.

    thanks for your comment!!

  27. Jess Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 11:09:09

    Mini tsunamis?!?!? That sounds very scary! I’m glad to hear the art projects went well -onto dance next. Are you looking forward to that?

  28. Josef Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 11:10:47

    WE have to go now Thanks for taking part We’re going to get on teh boat and go to London! London Spitsbergen that is! A small bay across the fjord with two houses where we will do our dance. Keep blogging JOSEF

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