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Furthest North

By Colin // Friday 21 Sep // 11:06:09 // 3 Comments // View


Colin here. Can’t believe I haven’t had time to make a post till now! We are about to leave Ny Alesund and head south again. Akash is next to me doing the final live Q and A session before we set off. Thanks to Kathy Barber and all at Bullet, Jess at Big Heart Media, Hannah at Cape Farewell central , and particularly Base Commander Sverdrup Institute, Trond, Karl, Jack and all the scientists at the Norwegian Polar Instititute, we have been able to keep our site bubbling with blogs videos and posts. They have also helped us to see how real scientists work on climate change related isssues.

Look out for everyone’s Video 3s summing up what they have been feeling and achieving – also some stunning footage of everybody actually SWIMMING in the King’s Bay last night. Mad or what? Climate change is definitely biting if most people felt able to swim at latitude 78 degrees 56 minutes! Everyone says snow is very late this year. Usually they have a big snow fall early in September

Last night we were all out on the quayside quite late watching Dan prepare his latest sculpture -burning ice – a large iceberg which Joe and I helped him to fish out of the bay on Wednesday with the help of Capt Arne Christofer and the King’s Bay tug – (see the image bank)

We’re all looking forward to the football match with the youth club at Longyearbyen tomorrow ! We’re not looking forward to saying goodbye to this very special place where we have shared so much together and learnt a lot about each other and this precious world we share.

Keep looking out for those reports!

Make a difference!

Love and changes – The Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 at Furthest North!

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Watch Akash’s video report

By Akash // Friday 21 Sep // 10:47:51 // View

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Watch Akash’s video report

Watch Akash’s video report broadcast direct from Ny-Alesund, just before the crew leave to return to Longyearbyen. Hear Akash speak about his art and science projects and how they have developed. (Duration: 1:25mins)

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Watch Nonie’s video report

By Nonie // Friday 21 Sep // 10:30:06 // 17 Comments // View

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Watch Nonie’s latest video diary

Friday 21st Sept, 12noon GMT (1pm UK)
Watch Nonie’s second video diary direct from Svalbard responding to your initial questions. In this broadcast, just before the crew return to Longyearbyen, Nonie speaks about the collective art project, the communities in Svalbard, her projects and the answers she’s found during the voyage. (Duration: 3.50mins)

Use the comment box below to leave a message for Nonie, ask her another question or leave her a response to her video diary broadcasts.

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Join Akash’s Live Arctic QA

By Akash // Friday 21 Sep // 10:04:11 // 146 Comments // View

Live QA session is now closed

Join Akash’s Live Arctic QA

Fri 21st Sept, 10.30am GMT (11.30am UK)
Following Akash’s video diary broadcast he will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on this page from 10.30am GMT onwards on Fri 21st Sept. To take part check back and follow the instructions below.
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Watch Akash’s video diary

By Akash // Friday 21 Sep // 10:03:11 // View

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Fri 21st Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Watch Akash’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard (duration: 1:05mins). Thank you for your initial questions. If you are a pupil at Villiers join Akash online for a Live Arctic QA at 10.30am GMT (11.30am UK). Follow the link below!
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Watch Jethro’s video report

By Jethro // Friday 21 Sep // 09:05:30 // View

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Fri 21st Sept, 9am GMT (10am UK)
Watch Jethro’s latest video diary, direct from Svalbard (duration: 2:45mins), one of the last for the Youth Voyage, and find out what’s been going on up there. If you are a pupil at Frome Community College join both Jethro and Keith Brindle both online for a quick QA at 9.30am GMT (10.30am UK). Follow the link below!
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Jethro + Keith Brindle’s QA

By Jethro // Friday 21 Sep // 08:59:00 // 89 Comments // View

Live QA session is now closed

Jethro and Keith Brindle’s Live Arctic QA Session

Friday 21st Sept, 9.30am GMT (10.30am UK)
Following the new video diary from Jethro, he and Keith Brindle will both be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and answer questions. The live QA will take place on this page on Friday 21st September at 9.30am GMT. To take part check back and follow the instructions below.
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Akash swimming in Arctic waters

By Akash // Friday 21 Sep // 08:53:48 // 7 Comments // View

Yesterday I went in to the Arctic sea which was about 3 degrees


I need to do glacier work Shona and Nonie are telling me to get off

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Swimming at 3degrees C!!!

By Suba // Friday 21 Sep // 08:30:12 // View

Yep. that’s right…we all went swimming in the nordic sea last night….the temp was around 3 degrees celcius. our toes were frozen by the time we got out…and we were only in there for a few seconds!

today is our last day in Ny Alesund. The weather is incredibly nice again…just a few clouds. A group went up to the weather station this morning….hopefully they got a nice view of the landscape.

 We sail today for Longyearbyen at noon….we will be doing night watches in 2-hr sessions again to help the captain sail the boat. this will be tirying but exciting at the same time.

We collected climate data yesterday all day from 7am until 9pm. the students drew out this data with chaulk on the dock…and i plan to climb up the crow’s nest to take a photo and film it. should be fun!

This is my last blog until we reach Longyearbyen. It has been an adventure….I don’t want to leave this beautiful place but I guess all things must come to an end.


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Complex and Intricate Wonders

By Shona // Friday 21 Sep // 07:59:54 // 2 Comments // View

Today has been a tiring but successful day. I was able to talk to talk to Dr. Jack Kohler about all the data we took yesterday and the data that has been collected over the last 40 years or so. All of the data was very interesting and I learned a great deal. Jack was very kind and I have a very high respect for him and his work. I was able to ask a lot of questions about the effects of climate change may be having on glaciers. He didn’t give me an exact answer but he explained all the factors that can influence a definite answer and makes it quite a hot topic between scientists. But he was able to show us all the trends over the last years and it can be concluded that over the last 7 years the mass balance has been very negative and the glaciers have been losing even more water than ever before. Glaciers are fascinating geography; they are so complex and intricate natural wonders. I want to learn as much as I can about them and continue to study them. I am really looking forward to doing all the mass balance calculations for myself and to work with the numbers and be able to see and understand the science for myself. I am also excited about showing all the data to the students back at Heritage.

The end is near and I can feel that everyone is looking forward to going home but at the same time there is a quite gloomy atmosphere because none of us really want to leave. We are all looking forward to getting home and sharing our experience with everyone and to start the process of getting people involved and interested (well I know I am). I don’t want to leave this place. The atmosphere here is so pure and real. The land is virtually untouched but yet the effects of mankind can be seen immediately. It will be difficult to adjust to life back home, things that I took for granted or seemed normal might seem absurd or irrelevant. But I hope that this feeling doesn’t die away and that I will be able to hold on to it for as long as I can.

Love and miss you all,
Shona x

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