Akash swimming in Arctic waters

By Akash // Friday 21 Sep // 08:53:48 // 7 Comments

Yesterday I went in to the Arctic sea which was about 3 degrees


I need to do glacier work Shona and Nonie are telling me to get off

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  1. Chandni Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 8:59:27

    Hi Akash! Looks like you’re having a fab time, I get all my friends to follow your progress.

    We’re all missing you at home but happy that you’re having such a fab time and an enriching experience.


  2. Mrs. Lim and 4L Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 9:37:14

    Hi from Mrs. Lim at first I didnt quite believe Purva when she told me about your expedition to the Arctic until I got your mum to confirm that.. The whole class has just watched your video and Mustafa asked if you ate fish. Jasdeep says he wishes he were there. Rosie wishes you a safe journey home and the whole class would like you to visit us and tell us about this amazing trip.You are so lucky to be the first adventurous boy to be there.

  3. Suki Kamboj (Akash Mum) Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 9:53:32

    hi akash, your video was great it was good to see you. The pictures have been fantastic and all the kids videos have been great. Take care see u soon love mum and ansh watches you the website everyday

  4. Akash Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 10:16:51

    I am online ready to chat

  5. Purva (Akash's Sister) Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 10:20:29

    Hi Akash,
    Today on the 21st of semptember me and my class watched you on the website. i HOPE your having a great time. missing you so much. i’ve told loads of teachers at school. i told ms freeman, ms lim, ms keeling and ms ramesh. bye xxx

  6. Purva (Akash's Sister) Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 10:21:13

    hi akash what u doing?

  7. Akash Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 10:27:52

    Hi Purva it is so fun here

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