Swimming at 3degrees C!!!

By Suba // Friday 21 Sep // 08:30:12 // No Comments

Yep. that’s right…we all went swimming in the nordic sea last night….the temp was around 3 degrees celcius. our toes were frozen by the time we got out…and we were only in there for a few seconds!

today is our last day in Ny Alesund. The weather is incredibly nice again…just a few clouds. A group went up to the weather station this morning….hopefully they got a nice view of the landscape.

 We sail today for Longyearbyen at noon….we will be doing night watches in 2-hr sessions again to help the captain sail the boat. this will be tirying but exciting at the same time.

We collected climate data yesterday all day from 7am until 9pm. the students drew out this data with chaulk on the dock…and i plan to climb up the crow’s nest to take a photo and film it. should be fun!

This is my last blog until we reach Longyearbyen. It has been an adventure….I don’t want to leave this beautiful place but I guess all things must come to an end.


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