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Live at Southbank and Eden

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Live Arctic links – September to October 2007
A graphic exhibition and video portal at Southbank Centre (London) and the Eden Project (Cornwall) will follow both our Arctic crews, mapping the journeys and providing a live link to the voyages. Visitors to the Royal Festival Hall, Eden Project and can view daily video reports, blogs, and images of the art, science and increasing effects of climate change in the Arctic. Stay tuned!

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Profile: Amélie

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Chambly Academy, Montreal, Canada

Science Project
Amélie wants to observe variations between species of plankton in the sea by taking several samples of plankton, a range of distances from a glacier, to see if plankton species vary according to salinity. Temperature and salinity are a crucial component in the study of how oceans currents work.

Art Project
Amélie wants to collect images and ideas to paint a mural at her school.  She also wants the image of the mural to be on the cover of the school’s student journal.

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Profile: Akash

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Villiers High School in Southall, West London, UK

Science Project
What affects the melting rate of glaciers? Akash wants to know how the air temperature affects the way glaciers melt. He plans to measure the air temperature of a glacier from the top to the bottom.

Art Project
Akash hopes to collect a variety of sounds for his school from the Arctic, including sounds of glaciers, wildlife and wind, which will go towards a piece of sound art.

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