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Moorhead Sports College, Accrington, East Lancs, UK

Science Project
Amy wants to know which of the two – global warming; or global dimming – is having the most effect on the Arctic? She will collect data about the amount of pollutants, especially sulphates.

Art Project
Amy wants to create a drama piece on her return. She also plans to keep a diary whilst in the Arctic written from the point of view of a doll, (dressed in Arctic gear), who is effectively being taken for an adventure! 

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  1. Hayley Friday 7 Sep, 2007 // 16:50:58

    heyah amy!
    hope ya have a fab tym at arctic !
    gnna miss ya
    lovee hayley xx

  2. Amy Friday 7 Sep, 2007 // 23:01:54


  3. Nick Sunday 9 Sep, 2007 // 21:01:45

    Hey amy. Nice meeting you on sunday. Hope we stay in touch. Good luck on the boat. Make sure u look after my baby hayley.

    Cya later


  4. Amy Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 11:08:36

    hi dolly, have a great time, looks like you’ll fit in well, you’ve already made friends, love you loads miss you mum, dad and jordy xxxxx will mail tonight xxx

  5. AMEEE Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 17:17:47

    STURGESS LOT..missing you too,i know i will fit in well because they’re all em! love you all loads cyaz in 2 weeks && keep updating the blog so i know what’s happening at home..okkay??

    BOTH..i will have a video on the blog by wednesday the 19th so if you could all send me comments,questions or anything that you would like me to reply to that would be great!

    HOLLIGANS..hope you’re all well..please try to comment on my blog as much as you can so i can hear from you..miss you loads!!

    love you all loads miss you!
    ((hugs and kisses..just like jordy likes em)) =]

  6. Moorhead Sports College Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 19:53:38

    hi ame mum here,missin you loads to.sounds like your havin a great time an that you’ve made new friends,i knew you would,boys are misssin you so are me and your dad.hope to here from you soon love mum and dad.xxxxxx.

  7. Jenny and Joe Sturgess Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 20:43:16

    Hi Amy Just to wish you a safe journey and have a wonderful time.We will look on the site everyday. It is very interesting. Lots of love from grandma and grandad

  8. Marie Farnworth Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 10:15:39

    Hi Amy, hope you have a brill trip. Hope the hat keeps you warm!! You can teach the Australian government a thing or 2 when you get back about the effects of Global warming. Take care. See you in May when we come back to UK for a visit!
    Love ya loads Anty Mo, Uncle Neil, Kieran and Joshua XXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. dad Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 9:44:11

    Hi Amy missing you loads i have to make my own brews now hope your enjoying yourself and dont be to shy try to come out of your shell so the rest can see what your really like lol and if poss try to bring me back some polarbear poo !!!!!! love you dad xxxxxxxx

  10. mum Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 9:49:51

    hi dolly, i’ve been telling the world about your treck lower darwen are going to check on your progress, mrs morton has been looking on the site so has a few other teachers i’ve sugessted that they follow your treck as a school subject, mrs morton not in today but i think she’ll like the idea, see your already spreading the word about climate change!!!!!!!!!!!!! proud of you honey love you loads mum xxxxxxxxx say hi to the other students for me, look after each other x

  11. BECK X Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 16:58:09

    HEYY X

  12. Jenny and Joe Sturgess Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 22:09:01

    Hi Amy
    We have had a look at the web site today. I am getting better at finding my way around it. Your grandad enjoyed looking at the maps- trying to sort out where you are. We will look again Thursday. Lots of love
    Grandma and Grandad

  13. mum Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 20:50:40

    hi Amy hope your well,i have seen your video jefferine looks like she’s having a good time.I have told everyone at work that your going to be on T4.Margaret and Debbie say hi.I’m extremely proud of you.I will look again tomorrow.Love you loads missing you so much.xxxxxx

  14. mum Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 21:52:59

    hi dolly, hope you got to the ship safely, i’ve been at work today ‘n’ lads are all asking how you are going on, it’s weired not being able to txt or phone, ah well you’ll be givin your ears a rest!!! lol jordy fine, your dad says hi, we love you loads honey can’t wait to see your next video blog we’re sooooo proud!!! your doing great xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, p.s get them sellopets on and keep warm

  15. mum Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 21:58:42

    another one, don’t forget to give out them penguins, brought specialy from the UK! who says there’s no penguins in the North Pole?! X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0

  16. caroline sturgess Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 18:18:27

    hi babe, your dad’s hovering over me as i type he says boo !??? no, hi, thanks for the post card, does this meen i’m now mother to jess as well and erm how old is jess as she signed it mum, i’m just a spring chicken you know, lol :op sounds like you havin a ball, youth club looks good, and whats this about you being awake at 5am!!!! bet you was well quiet and very grumpy! ;op Jordy says hi i’ll get him to send you another email or question tomorow, (dont be suprised if the question has anything to do with toilet behaviour again, boys eh!) love you loads, miss you, mum dad and Jordy OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  17. mum Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 8:51:41

    Hey babe, hope your havin fun i’ve been looking through all the photo’s of the trip, it looks great, wish i was there. You lot are the luckiest bunch of teenagers ever! bet you’ve been doing alsorts of science experiments and art work shops, if you get chance to work with Dan on a sculpture take a photo if he doesn’t mind and i’ll get it put on canvas to exhibit in our church, (proper work of Art) nowt much to report from home, your dads on a chainsaw course all week stoppin away, jordy and i have the house and remote to ourselves until thursday. i’m going to church to sort out the blessing stuff then to see lil’ granny to brag about you in the artic. (she’ll prob ask me if your playing football today!!!, then think i’m the nurse) i’ll give her a big kiss from you we love you loads mum dad and jordy xoxoxoxox

  18. mum Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 8:58:51

    another thing the heading to previous mail ‘(amy’s mum)’ wasn’t intended to wind anyone up, i’d been mailing jess just before yours and it filled in automatically (soz babe) love you miss you x, (ps every one knows you got 2 wonderful mums xxx)

  19. mum Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 18:08:27

    hi dolly, hope you get this the web site has been down for a day, i replied back to one of your photo’s it was the only way i could send you a message. The photo’s are great i’ve been looking through the site, it looks like your havin a great time. The photo to cure sickness will come in handy at the blessing i could print it and put it near the cake, that way it’ll frighten all the lil’ kiddies away from nicking the chocolate! lol. I’ve taken your grandad shopping for the suit, he looks really smart, we managed to get him the same shirt, tie and everything. Your dad phoned tonight he can’t get to a computer on training, but he said he’ll mail you when he gets home on thursday. He’s loving the course, a chainsaw course (not for girls!), well he’ll have to show me one day when i’m his boss eh ;op lol. I have aunty bea here she’s gona mail you, she’s been stopping while your dads away, we were up late last night trying to do something with her hair for the blessing, she ended up with dread locks!!! anyway i’ve board you enough, missing you babe love you loads mum dad and jordy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  20. AUNTY BEA Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 18:30:52

    Hey babe Aunty Bernard here i hope you are enjoyin yourself loads.. I am sure that you are! Your mum has been keeping us up dated on what you are upto…. Keeping everyone entertained as always!! Well you wont be back long and we will be tripping the light fantastic down the merry old aisle again… I cant wait to see you honey, i hope you are having an absolute ball. I am trying to talk to you and i have your mums chunner in my ear! you know the kind…. ha… its ok she has shut gob now…ha.. As i was saying i cant wait to see you babe, we going to have a look at you on the site now! giving you some lurve… ha… see you soon love Aunty Bea (the Ginger one) in case you forgot… x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Nina Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 20:13:05

    Hey Amy!

    Slightly worried that all the questions have disapeared,
    I presume it it just ’cause you have been asked them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

    We are getting filmed tomorrow by Creative Partnerships tomorrow, being asked all about the project and they are filming us watching you.

    For Open Evening Zoe, Mr Dolan and I made a big Iceberg (Mr O’Brien said it more like an egyptian pyramid but never mind) and an Artic landscape. Planning to leave it up till you get back. The ‘BIG’ picture of you has gone up now but it has been printed slightly wierd so you have like three chins. Never Mind.

    Today we put our masking tape pictures down.
    Mr O’Brien, Mr Duerden & I made a polar bear on the Science balcony.
    Zoey put fish all over the street.
    & Sammy-Jo and Alex made and iceberg on the big window on the French Balcony.

    They looked ‘IMMENSE’ as you would say.

    Love you Lots ‘Sturgey’

    Nina x

  22. Dan Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 10:23:22

    To Amy’s Mum. Amy’s got plenty of pictures of me -so you’ll be able to choose which ever you like the most! It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to them all they’ve been fantastic espescially Amy Love!

  23. Hayley Wednesday 26 Sep, 2007 // 12:26:29

    Hey Ami hayley here just to say i miss you so much and hopefully we can see eachother soon so miss ya lv ya xxxxx

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