TO ALL SCHOOLS: Please put in your questions to the youth voyagers early!

By Colin // Sunday 16 Sep // 10:53:09 // 1 Comment

Our voyagers will be looking at your submitted questions 12 hours earlier than expected due to scheduling conflicts.  Please make sure to put in all your comments and questions ahead of schedule. They are all looking forward to your support and inquiries.

Please note: the time of video posting and the Q & A section will remain as planned.

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  1. Woppy Keeling Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 17:37:31


    Here are some questions from the Firs team (Andy, B, Barnie and Me). Tom’s now at Uni.

    Whats the coldest temperature you have been in so far?
    Is is windy all the time?
    Are you sailing and motoring on the Noorderlicht?
    How long are your watches and have you done a night one?
    Are there any other boats up there with you?
    On your watches what are looking out for – mainly icebergs or other shipping?
    Have you seen a polar bear yet?
    Does the water have glacial qualities – does it look turquoise?

    We are all sending lots of support and hope its great fun if hard work.
    Us. xx

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