Doriana’s Live Arctic QA

By Doriana // Thursday 20 Sep // 14:40:31 // 52 Comments

Live QA session is now closed

Doriana’s Live Arctic QA Session

Thurs 20th Sept, 3.30pm GMT (10.30am Nunavut)
Following Doriana’s video diary broadcast she will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on this page from 3.30pm GMT onwards on Thurs 20th Sept. To take part check back and follow the instructions below.
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How to take part in the Arctic QA

This Arctic QA session will open at 3.30pm (GMT). For 30 minutes following this Doriana will log in and be available to hear your response to her video diary and answer any questions you have.

*IMPORTANT* (After 3.30pm GMT) “Refresh” or “Reload” this page using your web browser “Refresh” button. You will see a comments box appear below. If you are from Victor Sammurtok School login to your account (use the login link in the footer or above the comment box) and then enter your questions and comments for Doriana.

*IMPORTANT* During the session you need to “Refresh” or “Reload” this page every few minutes to see new comments and follow the discussion. If you can’t see anything happening refresh the page!

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  1. Dave One Cent Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 16:05:06

    Ana and the kid miss you too…be safe

  2. Kathy Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 16:14:22

    Hi all, thanks for joining us! Doriana has to go now, so we’re closing the QA in a minute. If you have any last comments you want to post get in quick – you’ve got 1 minute!

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