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Mr Punjabi losing his huge amount of energy!!

By Akash // Monday 15 Oct // 17:42:46 // 2 Comments // View

Howdy Everyone,

                                 It is Mr Punjabi (Akash) here just thought I would tell you how my life is going well I did a few presentaions about my trip and some other things but the main thing I wanted to talk about was my energy which never seemed to end on the trip but now I think it will. I am now finding that I dont do and silly things and make people laugh no more because you guys are not here to experience it. But hopefully if I see you again I will be fully charged.

 See you soon…

Mr Punjabi—Beta

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Sadness and Gladness

By Jessica // Monday 15 Oct // 14:38:34 // 2 Comments // View


Sitting here in my classroom looking at the photos it seems like another life. Everything is so normal, and though I appreciate that life cannot be exciting all the time I wish it could be a bit more stimulating than this!!

I miss everyone, miss eating together, talking, exploring, sailing and learning together.

It really was a special experience and everyone involved is a very special person too!

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