By Amy // Sunday 21 Oct // 20:55:50 // No Comments

As much as i loved my time in the Arctic the last thing i wanted to do was write 4 paged essay about it! I just wanted to take my time slowly and you know, get used to reality a little bit, but no! My english  teacher dumped an essay on me the first day back. It’s taken up until now to complete so that’s why i haven’t blogged in a while!
    I think everyone feels the same right about now and we are all ready to return to wonderland sometime soon! I miss that place soooo much and you guys, i miss you loads! Waking up without you all seems strange. Becky’s not here to wake me up, Amelie’s not here to give me a massage, B’s not about to do my hair, Duncan and Joe aren’t around with the camera. I feel quite lonely at times!
   My art project is coming along and i have had a meeting with my drama teacher, she’s got some great ideas. Will keep you up to date with that! The poster of me still hasn’t been pulled down and surprisingly no one has give me a mustache yet, but there’s still time! Everything is going quite well up here so i hope all you guys are ok and everything is going ok for you too! Hope this reunion goes ahead so we can meet up again and SHARE THE LOVE!

Love you all so much!

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