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By Nonie // Saturday 29 Sep // 20:57:39 // 2 Comments

Hey everyone,

 Sorry I haven’t been on lately- I had forgotten how busy life is here- or maybe never’s so good to hear people who know how I feel. Canford, darling, is just a million miles from the peace that is Ny Alesund and the questions don’t stop – it’s great but in trying to describe and satisfy everyone you almost forget where you were and what you were actually doing. I find myself describing the simpler things because the those that meant so much i have barely had time to reflect on, let alone put in words. In the same way everyone is talking about how insignificant the once-important things are now- I also feel I want to do something more and my ambitions for what I want to do and where I want to be.

 I miss everyone tonnes. It was incredible to meet you people and to share your stories in the most unique and meaningful way. The trip had so many various benefits and there is no way to define every one of the amazing experiences I encountered, only to know that those incredible people who were with me I can share the memories with and use them for the worth they should be.

 It is nice to know that there is a place that I can re-visit in my mind whenever i chose, and remind myself that life is not all a made-over version of what it knows itself to be.

Never before this trip have I wanted to give or do more,

I hope everyone’s good and see you all soon,

 Love to you all… darlings x x x x x x

P.S. SHONA! I believe a REAL disco is in order VERY soon.. as is our dance lesson with Suba! x x x x 

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  1. Shona Sunday 30 Sep, 2007 // 16:54:01

    NONIE! a real disco would be fantastic. i miss you so much and our (sometimes) descrete all telling stares. You better save all your best moves for when i come to visit and we wont forget Suba and her ”guarantee-a-pull-move”. ANd of course the Ohm Shanting dance class. And well we also need Akash and his Punbaji dips and skills. (this must sounds retarded to anyone else but the OGS) ohhh boy. i miss you darling.
    shona x

  2. Alan Lennox-Boyd Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 18:51:54

    Hello Nonie

    I hope you are having a great time and good luck on the rest of you trip love Lenno

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