Back home to see no sea

By Akash // Wednesday 26 Sep // 16:12:30 // 1 Comment

As we have all made our safe journeys back to each of our homes and then to our schools it has been a very sad time as we may never get to see what we saw again. Now we are all back home our schools have been wanting to know what it was like whilst we were up in the Arctic and boy that has taken some time as person after person ask you the same thing. Now we need to get back to our daily routines and remember what we have experinced was amazing and we may never get to see the same thing again.

Lets just hope that Cape Farewell hold a reunion to see how we have been getting on.

See you later


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1 Comment

  1. Amy Wednesday 26 Sep, 2007 // 17:27:30

    I know how you feel, this english life sucks!
    I keep getting asked was it cold! Man that question gets on my nerves..
    ..keep in touch Akash xx
    Amy Love

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