Arctic Q/A Session: Hayley

By Hayley // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:03:10 // 7 Comments

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Get the latest from Hayley at Southbank Centre in London, and find out how you can follow her during the expedition. (Duration: 45 secs)

Send a question to Hayley

Deadline: Wed 19th Sept, 5pm GMT (6pm UK)
Everyone is welcome to participate. Enter your question for Hayley before 5pm the day before her broadcast, using the comment box at the end of this page. If you are a pupil at Kidbrooke School your Cape Farewell teacher co-ordinator should be helping to collect your questions and messages.

Tune in for Hayley’s video diary broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 1pm GMT (2pm UK)
Hayley will be posting a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to let you know how she’s getting on, what she is working on and responding to the questions. If you are a pupil at Kidbrooke School make sure you get a chance to watch Hayley’s broadcast in assembly or class time.

Live QA following the broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 1.30pm GMT (2.30pm UK)
Following the broadcast Hayley will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any questions. Bookmark this page and check back once you’ve watched the broadcast.

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  1. Ami Dhaliwal Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 16:59:57

    Hayley!! 🙂 BEST MATES 4 LYF XX

  2. Miss Massey Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 9:08:53

    Well done Hayley your blog looks great. Best of luck for the visit and show as much scenery as you can!!

  3. Yuliya Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 14:20:17

    Hi Hayley, we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, good luck

  4. Kidbrooke School Monday 17 Sep, 2007 // 7:55:11


    Ms Palmer: What animals have you seen? Has anyone gone hunting? What is the best thing you have learnt so far?

    Alan: How has the journey been so far? Have you found out the answer to your question yet?

    Nick: Are you having a good time? What are the differences to the air you are breathing? Is Ms Burdett having a good time?

  5. Moorhead Sports College Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 9:12:51

    hey hayley, amy’s mum here. hope your experiments are going well and your enjoying the art work shops. have you looked at plankton under a microscope yet? if you could compair it to any other animal, what would it look like in relation to that animal? look after each other, keep warm, caroline x

  6. Dad Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 12:22:17

    Hi H,
    How is your project going, have you seen any artic foxes ? What kind of experiments are you doing? Is there anything that has surprised you? How big was the piece of glacier that fell off and how far away were you ?
    I’ll save the rest for when you come home
    Wish everyone well !!
    Dad xxxxx

  7. Ami Dhaliwal Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 17:10:54

    I MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

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