The start of an amazing journey

By Hayley // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:03:18 // 12 Comments

Hey again guys just a quick blog to let you know whats been going on. Ill start from the launch, as you already know we had the launch yesterday which was absoluetly fab we all really enjoyed it and thanks to those who came along. We also worked in groups and created a dance/movement in my group i worked with Amilie, Joe and Franzie. Our group was based on biodiversity. We had to perform infront of roughly one hundred and fifty people it was amazing hearing the applause we got after knowing they were applauding us. Yesterday we were working with the media recording videos of each other which will be posted on the website very soon ( All of us also got interviewed by T4 and there will be a programme showing on the 4th November at twelve oclock. It was fab as we got to meet the presenter Rick. Anyway please get your messages in and ill reply when im on on the bloggs live at 2 oclock on 20th september thanks xx

P.S The rest of the team are ace love them all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. Hayley Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 14:18:24

    you all look so cool lol xxxx

  2. Trisha Jaffe Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 10:44:21

    It sounds fantastic Hayley. When do you start the final journey there? How are the other people you are with?
    We’re thinking about you all

  3. m.crowe Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 11:14:58

    Hi Hayley ,Jess and the team.

  4. Karen Kitchen Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 11:24:02

    Wow Hayley. It sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to hear your updates – especially on the polar bears. Enjoy!

  5. Hayley Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 18:22:05

    Hey miss Kitchen how are you and the baby? Ms Burdett says hi i will deffinatley keep you in on whats been goign on and ill see you when i get back lots opf love hayley xxxxxxx

  6. charlie Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 19:13:16

    wow its my scarf and its like there on my computer screen wow well hope ur having fun so far
    charlie xxx

  7. Dad Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 13:04:57

    Hi H, Just in case you did’nt receive my e-mail. London is nice and warm but I’d rather swap places with you. Nice picture of you and Amelie. can’t see much snow. Will tell mum ur ok. Wish everyone well from me, keep in touch.
    Love you and miss you Dad xxxx

  8. Danny Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 8:45:48

    hello hayley its danny hope your having a good time see you soon

  9. Dad Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 12:27:01

    Hi H, hope you are keeping well, how is your project going?
    You dont seem to be posting many messages. Perhaps u are too busy.Christina says hello. Let me know what you have been up to.
    What exciting things have u seen? Really miss you, love u loads
    Dad xxxxxxxxx

  10. Jess Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 17:15:17

    Hiya Hayley!

    tommorrow alan, ami, charlie, yuliya and I are going to watch the live broadcast 🙂

    hows everything going?

    Found out any information for your project?

    Miss you loads!

    hope you are having a fab time!


    Jess xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Ellie =] Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 12:43:14

    hey hayley!

    hope your having an amazing time.

    has it gone quickly for you?
    it felt like you only left a few days ago!

    cant wait to see you when you get back.
    hope everyone there is nice =]

    xxxxx loads of love ellie

  12. Kidbrooke School Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 13:07:26

    hi hayley

    its Alan, how have you been doing so far?
    We all been missing you loads. I heard that Ms Burdett slipped on to ice and had a black eye( Ow!!! it must of hurt) We are going to see you live today on online so you probably going be blushing again like always. Amie is stil jealous that you won be still I think you should of won any way.

    Anyway have you seen any artic animals yet?

    Well any see you when you come back!


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