Arctic Q/A Session: Nonie

By Nonie // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:10:42 // 5 Comments

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Watch the first clip from Nonie at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)

Watch Nonie’s video diary broadcast

Monday 17th Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Thank you for all your questions! Nonie has posted a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to let you know how she’s getting on, what she is working on and responding to the questions below. If you are a pupil at Canford School look out for the new QA time below.
Watch Nonie’s video diary »

Watch Nonie’s second video diary broadcast

Friday 21st Sept, 12noon GMT (1pm UK)
Send Nonie a question! Because of our technical problems on Tuesday Nonie will be posting a second piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic. She’ll be logging in to hear your questions and comments. If you are a pupil at Canford School send her a message before Thursday evening (20th Sept) then tune in to watch the second broadcast.
Watch Nonie’s 2nd video diary »

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  1. Jennifer ward Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 8:31:53

    hey nonie!!!! we are missing u alot and hope u are having a great time!!! hope the artic isnt to cold and that u come back soon cos de lacy os very quite with out u!!!! missing u loads!!!!!! jennyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps goood luck with the project!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Geography Set!!!! esp Lydia, Gabs, sarah etc etc...... Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 13:31:17

    Hi Nonie, Just watched the first video clip. Hope the first few days have been terrific. Jen wants to know if the ice melt is as bad as some of the images we see on TV. Seb asks what is the daytime/nighttime temperature? Has it snowed? (Sarah) other key questions: Sarh wants to know if there any polar bears. Gabs says – any eskimoes? Lydia asks what the food is like (typical!) Have you seen the aurora borealis (Lydia) Are you still dreaming about the T4 presenter? (Sarah) Everyone sends love! Missing you……..
    You have a topic test on Saturday 10.30 our time – rivers summary test. You missed the fieldtrip – very exciting! Down to the river at Wimborne. Jen says she will send you the test! Gabs says you are going to miss the best disco ever (saturday week) She also says….. (you’ll have to ask her yourself)
    Good luck for the next few days. We look forward to seeing you on the video cast after the w/e.
    Mr R and Geog Gp5

  3. kathryn and Lottie!! Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 22:18:21

    hey nonie!
    sounds rlly cool all the way up there!! so are there any hot guys? 😛
    I know this is nothing to do with the ice but im going to tell you anyway. we had a hockey match today on grass!! (aaaah) it was so bad but vair funny, people wer falling over the whole time. we drew though :(. anyway hope you are having fun! so what does a stuffed polarbear look like?? 😛 ( thats my intelligent question :P)
    dnt think you hav missed much but we both miss u!
    better be off…. lots of love and hope you have a good time. good luck!!!!!
    xxxx kathryn and lottie xxxx

  4. claudia Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 10:06:35

    nonie!!! hows everything going?? keeping nice and warm? whats it like up there in the arctic? whats the boat like? so many questions! you are so lucky! im sure you have made lots of new friends.. we all miss u loads back here at boring old school!!!! anyway got to go and do some RS prep so you have fun with no prep!! jokes im sure you’re working really hard on your project.. have fun and miss u loads
    claudia xxxxxxxxx

  5. Woppy Keeling Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 18:21:07


    Questions from the Firs Team (Andy, B Barny and Me) Tom is at Uni now.

    Whats the coldest you have been out in?
    Is it very windy all the time?
    Have you seen a polar bear yet?
    On watch – how long are the watches and what are you looking out for – ships or icebergs or both?
    Does the water look glacial i.e. turquoise?

    We are sending lots of support and hope you’re having a great time even if its hard workl


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