Nearly Home!

By Amy // Sunday 23 Sep // 10:24:35 // 1 Comment

Hey everyone,
we have been aloud in the local school to chill until our bus comes at 12.30, i found out that we have the internet here and thought i’d blog you guys! Mum/s, Dad/s and boys I’m great, don’t worry about me, all i have to do i fly home, i’ll be fine! Jess & the team have been fab! They’ve looked after me well!  Tell everyone i said hello and tell them i’ve got access to loads of pictures if they want them. It’s been fantastic here i love it! It’s been such an awesome experience and i don’t want it to end. I’ve been inspired by so many people to do so much and that I really want to make that difference to our planet!
Okay guys well hopefully see most of you tomorrow!
Lots of love BIG hugs and kisses!
(Grandad everyone is saying “eyy i could crush a grape” &  “eh by gum!”)


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  1. mum Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 10:44:41

    i look forward to seeing you amy love you loads.mum dad and

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