The thanks you were said and tears were shed.

By Shona // Sunday 23 Sep // 10:22:35 // 1 Comment

        After everything that has happened it is finally comming to an end. We are all tearful and sad even at the thought of saying gooodbye. The thank yous were said and the tears shed but it still doesnt feel like its the end. This whole experience has been beyond what I had ever expected. It has changed me emotionally, mentally and even physically. No words can describe how this place and these people have made me feel. Life back home seems so distant and disconnected to what I have just experienced and the thought of returning to it seems impossible. This land is so magnificant and beautiful it will be difficult to separate myself from it. I have lived, breathed and thought only of it for the last week, it has become part of me. A part that wil be difficult to leave but will stay with me forever. I am fighting back the tears and the thought of leaving, but as we say all good things must come to an end. But in reality this is only the beginning of this whole experience and its a snap shot at what life has to offer. And if its only a snap shot I cant wait to see the whole picture.

Lots of Love and Miss you all,

 Shona x (a very teary, emotional Shona)

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  1. Dad Monday 24 Sep, 2007 // 1:04:28


    you have done wonderful!

    See you at home, safe trip back.


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