Arrived in Longyearbyen

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Thank you for all your comments! Oh yes and i have been doing more than just looking at the hot t4 guy… we arrived in Longyearbyen today- had 3 flights to get here and when we stepped off the plane it was SO SO cold… that sounds silly but it really was…  We are in the town youth centre at the moment and have been round the museum- lots of stuffed polar bears, arctic foxes etc… also found out some stuff about plankton, glaciers and birds- MR LOYD- will try and get some pictures of the birds for Mr. Hooker. We leave on the Norderlicht tomorrow afernoon to go to Ny Alesund so when i have started myt science projects i will start posting some stuff about it aswell- if that’s helpful.

 Lots of filming and interviews- even in the airport when it was all quite stressful! Problem is you can’t say anything otherwise they film you even more! It’s really interesting here- such a different way of life and the community is very close… the scenery is amazing- I have taken loads of pictures to post on my blog or show when i get back. Learning lots and the people and students are GREAT.

 Hope everyone’s well, write me some questions soon!

LOTS OF LOVE Nonie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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