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Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007
14th – 23th September 2007
Longyearbyen – Ny-Alesund – Longyearbyen (Svalbard)

The Cape Farewell 2007 Youth Expedition took twelve 15-16 year old pupils from three countries – UK, Canada and Germany, to Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic. The twelve were selected for their enthusiasm to investigate and communicate climate change and they lived and worked together for 10 days on the sailing schooner Noorderlicht, each participant developing a project which explores an aspect of climate change from both a scientific and an artistic perspective.

What did the youth team do?

Each participant took an arts/science project of their own to work on and present through the website – in their blog, video reports, and video diaries. Follow their journey through their live broadcasts as the expedition unfolded. We had great support from the participating schools and their communities, and the wider public, during the expedition and hope you also enjoy following their story.

Who supported them?

Science and art mentors lead group activities and also worked with individuals to help them with their chosen projects. Cape Farewell artist Dan Harvey was art mentor, working with Head of Art Jessica Burdett from Kidbrooke School in South London. Professor Mark Maslin, head of the UCL Environment Institute, was science mentor, working with science teacher, Keith Brindle, from Frome Community College. The onboard media team from Big Heart Media worked with the students to document all activities and keep the web full of new content.

What is the aim?

The long term aim of the project in the twelve schools and in the Arctic itself is to create an international educational community which works together imaginatively to make a real impact on perceptions of climate change.

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