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Returning to Greenland

By Cape Farewell // Monday 2 Feb // 13:28:11 // View

In September 2008 Cape Farewell returned to Greenland to visit the spectacular Disko Bay and continue the work started in 2007. The Art/Science crew began their 10 day sail in West Greenland, visiting the Disko Bay area and Jakobshavn Glacier, one of Greenland’s largest glaciers moving at a faster rate than ever before, losing 20 million tons of ice every day.

Working in partnership with the British Geological Survey, the scientists extended their investigations of climate change with extensive surveying below the seabed.

The arts crew, dominated by an international array of musicians including Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Carlton, Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Robyn Hitchcock, Ryuichi Sakamoto, KT Tunstall and Martha Wainwright also featured artists, comedians, architects, film-makers and journalists.

Follow the 2008 Disko Bay Expedition in blogs from over 40 artists, musicians and scientists as we sailed through the extraordinary Disko Bay. During the voyage we brushed aside snow and broke out our portable satellite gear to broadcast text, images and video direct from the deck of the boat. Check the expedition website, subscribe to the podcast or view the galleries of images and video to journey with us.

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Time Magazine Picture of the Year

By Cape Farewell // Sunday 30 Dec // 15:42:21 // View

Cape Farewell are proud to announce Time Magazine ‘Pictures of the Year’ 2007 features Nick Cobbing’s photograph from the voyage. The end of year issue of TIME Magazine (December 31, 2007 – January 7, 2008) carries the photograph by Nick Cobbing from the 2007 expedition with a quote by David Buckland. The article aligns the Cape Farewell voyage to the NASA space mission (only a bit cheaper) and also carries a feature on Al Gore.
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Blosseville Coast – 3 Oct 2007

By gorm // Thursday 13 Dec // 13:48:22 // 1 Comment // View

Sketch made during the 2007 expeditions to Greenland.

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Pencil Method

By Amy // Friday 19 Oct // 16:29:07 // 2 Comments // View


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Draining back into this reality

By Dan // Wednesday 17 Oct // 17:31:26 // 1 Comment // View


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Leading lights

By Liam // Wednesday 10 Oct // 21:04:38 // 5 Comments // View

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Leading lights, Liam Frost.
(Recorded on October 5th on the Blosseville Coast, Greenland. Duration: 4:41mins)

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By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 10 Oct // 20:23:11 // View

Big thanks to all that have followed our voyage so far. It’s not over yet – the site will continue to grow and develop (especially over the next few days as we sift through memory cards). I think for most of us the return to dry land, civilisation and bright lights has hit us hard. So please bear with us as we re-group, digest and try to stop randomly swaying from side to side. Use the menu alongside or calendar below to read the latest posts added since the expedition returned.
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By Liam // Wednesday 10 Oct // 19:40:08 // 12 Comments // View

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Shipwrecks, Liam Frost.
(Recorded on October 3rd on the bowsprit of the Noorderlicht in Turner Sound, Greenland. Duration: 3:50mins)

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