Leading lights

By Liam // Wednesday 10 Oct // 21:04:38 // 5 Comments

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Leading lights, Liam Frost.
(Recorded on October 5th on the Blosseville Coast, Greenland. Duration: 4:41mins)

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  1. Dan Thursday 18 Oct, 2007 // 21:32:07

    Love listening to your songs, they have the power to transport. Thanks.

  2. Steve Gismondi Sunday 21 Oct, 2007 // 3:43:36

    I’m just beginning to educate myself … the problem, hypotheses and evidence etc. re: global warming … the early signs … I reviewed a set of about 7 or perhaps 8 videos describing the voyages and efforts in collecting and analyzing the data etc … I read about the scientists, the artists … your video just happened to load … I don’t even recall the site … and the beauty you describe, the setting … a single human in the north – the desolation – your commitment to the voyage … singing your heart and “do I really love my life” – the metaphor was just too much … Your music is beautiful and your message … I don’t want to believe the obvious implications to humanity and all of life on earth – if the little bit I’ve learned is even 1/2 true …


    Steve Gismondi

  3. gary williams Sunday 21 Oct, 2007 // 23:29:55

    beautiful song mate. realy was nice. u look like your in aww of the gorgeous horizons. fantastic and peaceful. well its damn cold here in stretford too . manchesters missing a favorite lad. u have a nice time and stay off the bacon buttes mate. no good for the tummy. ok. be careful mate . and best of luck

  4. Jethro Tuesday 30 Oct, 2007 // 19:52:31

    Hey Liam,
    I’m Jethro, I went on the youth voyage with my guitar, I’m a youg musician hoping to do what your doing now when I’m older. I like your tunes, they are similar to what I listen to and what is popular in my music scene but there’s a special quality I can’t quite put my finger on. If you want to listen to what I’ve done sice we got back check out my webite, tell me what you think, that goes for anyone else who may be reading this aswell.

  5. Danai Violet Sunday 20 Jan, 2008 // 20:54:52

    You have a beautiful voice + songs..This is the first time I found this website,its great! Its funny, i am making a project for my college in Greece for Greenland…and I m amazed!
    But I learned allot from this website.
    p.s. I really loved your music! Do have a cd ? Have you made one? If its easy for you ,send me the albums name and I ll order it or look it on the internet.
    You are all perfect!

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