A message from the London basecamp

By gorm // Monday 1 Oct // 09:10:27 // 10 Comments

This is just a quick message for everyone who has taken the time to post comments to the crew – thank you! All your messages of good luck and calm waters have reached the Noorderlicht – On Sunday 30 September, the crew were almost to the east coast of Greenland, towards the mouth of Scoresby Sund (they could see the ice! A moment of elation)!. However, as it is currently covered with some floating ice they are heading a bit further north to try and get on to terra firma (Monday 1 October), this has meant another day at sea, but the oceans are calmer (so I’m told). Ko, the expedition guide has been sharing stories of the outstanding beauty of the Fjord so everyone is hoping to get into the Sund.

Please continue to post your messages and I will make sure the sailing crew get them.

Thank you

Hannah Bird
Cape Farewell
PS you’ll all be pleased to know that the Noorderlicht is not going round in circles (as our map showed). We were having a few technical issues showing east/west longtitude which have now been resolved!

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  1. carol brigstocke Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 9:19:39

    I am so relieved for you all that the conditions have improved and really hope that you are all able to achieve all your dreams plus lots of scientific information
    lots of love to Marcus from his Mum

  2. Henry Brigstocke Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 12:10:47

    Am incredibly jealous of you all from the rather more stable yet sterile environment of my desk at work. Looks like an amazing experience. Tomsk (Marcus) I hope that your massive boots are working for you… if only to be chundered in from the uncomfort of your bed! Good luck to you all. Thinking of you. H

  3. Angela and Dick Jervey Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 12:25:49

    Thank you keeping us up to date with the message board and the map. Certainly was reassuring to see it updated! We love to read all the messages from family and friends of the crew. The expedtion organizers certainly did a wonderful job recruiting such an an exceptional group of people! Thank you for the imporant work you do.

  4. Fiona & Graham Long Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 15:19:13

    So hope you get into Scoresby Sund and that it’s plain sailing from now on. Come on, Vicky, let’s have a blog from you!! Mum and Dad.

  5. Barry Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 17:15:06

    Wishing you lovely calm waters and beautiful icebergs and magnificent scientific data

    Thinking of you all every day


  6. Carys Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 20:40:44

    Matt, wonderful to hear you’ve reached calmer waters and hopefully all is serene and tranquil. Good luck on your courageous and inspiring quest to the top of the world. May it bring you untold riches of the imagination and an abundance of spiritual reckonings as you become at one with nature. Oh, and Hounslow Council let you off that parking fine. Result. Cx

  7. Alan W Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 22:56:44

    Well done, Carys, that beautifully-timed piece of news will have Matt dancing round the boat! [and a nicely-worked example of opportunist bathos!]

  8. carol brigstocke Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 23:12:24

    Darling Marcus – I was pretty shaken when I read your latest blog to the Telegragh – it is not like you to sound so low and frightened – I think this experience will, as you say change, you in some ways, but what an opportunity.You will have so much to tell us all when you get safely home. Sophie and the children are doing really well, despite Mrs Brig having no voice!! Keep safe and keep laughing lots of love Mum

  9. Vickie Tindall Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 12:30:33

    Hey Matt, looks like your new hat is coming in very handy! The pictures posted are amazing and what a fantastic experience to be a part of. Looking forward to seeing more updates. Take care, Vickie x

  10. Jo Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 21:24:00

    Hey Matt, I have finally seen your page. Reed block everything!! Looks like you are having an amazing time, can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. We will have the heating on ready for you. Take care, see you soon x

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