Lunch at an angle

By Matt // Sunday 7 Oct // 13:05:31 // 2 Comments

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Description: Lunch, stairs and stacks at sea. (Duration: 32secs)

Tags: Caroline Ross-Pirie·Clips·Matt Wainwright


  1. Jethro Tuesday 9 Oct, 2007 // 19:44:23

    Woops! don’t trip, looks like fun on that boat, it’s rocking around all over the place, I remember when it was at its rockiest in Svalbard, it must be much rockier going across open ocean!

  2. Dan Thursday 11 Oct, 2007 // 22:20:12

    Hi jethro, Rocking was not the word, breaking waves -45 degree angle – force 7 to 9 gales – blizzard and freezing rain – it was wild! All lived through it though -and never felt more alive!

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