Northern Lights

By Dan // Wednesday 3 Oct // 00:43:10 // 7 Comments


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  1. Jessica Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 9:21:04

    Hey Dan,

    You got to see the lights!! You lucky thing! How does the second trip compare to the first? You were right about how visiting the arctic changes you, I am really missing it, but at the same time my world feels like a bigger place, thanks so much for all the conversations you really are a guru! Hope you’ve been inspired by your Greenland expereience and that we get to catch up and share memeoris on your return! Safe sailing,
    Jess xx

  2. germaine hampton Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 16:29:20

    Enjoying the blogs and images from you all
    safe journey
    love the new bear look Dan

  3. mary lemley Sunday 7 Oct, 2007 // 15:16:16

    greetings from sunny Hackney! The Northern lights of Dalston have been lighting have given a fantastic autumnal orange to the silhouette of the Kinglsland road mosque! Gad! That must sound like a million light years away form where you are now. Yet we are exisiting you there now. me here. It is the connection that is the thing. Connect Dan. Connect lots.Lots and lots of Love and looking forward to more Daniel Harvey. But love all the photos, entires blogs and map – Fantastic. Wonderful. Full of Wonder I am. Mary

  4. Ben Connors Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 7:15:40

    Hi Dan, Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blog with my breakfast this morning, just wanted to wish you all the best with your adventures,


  5. Anthony Arnold Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 11:24:06

    Hi Dan, so what do vegetarians eat up north?
    I really envy you being able to see the sky, there is no proper night here in the Midlands.

  6. Dan Thursday 11 Oct, 2007 // 8:52:31

    Finally back in the Studio but still feeling very out of place.
    Hadn’t been able to see the web site whilst sailing or in Greenland. So this is my first time to catch up.
    So much to say and such an experience! All made it back alive! Will add more soon.

  7. amelie Sunday 14 Oct, 2007 // 4:09:37

    hey Dan,
    U R sooo… lucky I tell you. I guess you forget about all the rough sea you’ve been through after you’ve seen those beautiful lights. Hope you found the exact inspiration you were looking for. You really inspired me the day you took us on the walk around Ny Alesund, I’ve got tons of ideas bursting out of my each for my art project! Thanks 4 everything. Can’t wait to hear all about those stunning artistic ideas you’re probably comming up with in the studio.
    I’m glad you’re all okay, and had a great time!

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