Tale of two seas

By Ben // Monday 1 Oct // 22:05:07 // 3 Comments

Woke up to the sweet surprise of perfectly placid seas. (And the good news that we’d escaped the Ring of Ice and were back on course.) Ended the day thrown into the harshest watch yet, a shift featuring winds strong enough to force Gert (our fearless (in a very true sense) captain; pronounced “Hurt”; more to follow someday) to clamber up the bowsprit to pull down the sails
(which, for obvious reasons, is a lot tougher to do in Force 8 winds). I’d offer more, but I want to give my Mom a break from the imagery. Thankfully mellow day turned frightfully tough.

By the way-anyone who has tried to email me for whatever reason (Jenn w/r/t SooF, Team Evolvist, etc), we don’t have any internet access, so the best way of getting in touch is to either leave a comment in this blog. (As comments are then forwarded along to us via Satellite phone from the Cape Farewell office, our only tiny keyhole into the world outside the
Noorderlicht.) Red Sox updates are keenly encouraged.

Representative quotes of the day:

“For all the hearts I’ve broken and [retracted] I’ve [retracted], I did nothing to deserve that.” –Matt, coming in from the 8-10pm watch, which featuring sustained Force 8 winds with periods of Force 9, horizontally blown icy sleety mixture, and salt-spraying waves that left faces numb and (on the plus side) nicely exfoliated.

“Your t-shirt says ‘A bad day on the boat is better than a good day in the office’.Today, I don’t know about that.” –Captain Gert, on a hellfire Monday evening.

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  1. Angela and Dick Jervey Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 12:16:18

    HI Benno, Glad to hear you are reading the posts. Your posts are also our “keyhole” into the Noorderlicht world. WE read all the comments –sometimes twice because I can’t belive what I am reading Ththe firist time. The photographs and videos are amazing. You absolutely have to come home for a few days so that we can just listen to your stories and see your photos. IN the saftey of our house I will be happy to hear about the watch you refer to above. News from home: Suzanne is pregnant—due in April. They are thrilled! WE are in MOntreal —closer to you! LOve you much, Mom and Dad

  2. gail a. Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 18:30:26

    Hey Ben,

    you’re up 2-0, we’re down 2-0 — enough said..for now.

    greenland looks gorgeous!

  3. patti Sunday 7 Oct, 2007 // 16:45:49

    Hey ben, I want to be there to see and hear your stories, too! I’ll never complain about the lake being too rough again. Stay safe!! Patti

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