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Profile: Caroline Ross-Pirie

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Caroline Ross-Pirie
Film Producer and Director (UK)

Caroline is an award-winning observational documentary and art filmmaker who’s undertaken many extraordinary journeys. Her ventures in time travel include the BAFTA nominated, RTS and Indie award winning C4 House projects (1900 House, 1940s House, Edwardian Country House etc); taking people back to live as their forebears. She’s directed films following Ghenghis Khan’s journey from the blue mountains of Mongolia to the Danube for Millenium (BBC2), and Darwin’s Journey on the Beagle for C4 Travelog. She took veterans on a musical journey, back to the Normandy Landings, for Challenge Cantata and pushed Sister Wendy round the world in a wheelchair to tell The Story of Painting (BB1). Caroline’s journeys have also taken her into infinity and beyond with the award winning drama Hotel Hilbert (BBC 2).

She’s currently in post production with the series Guilt Trip (BBC2) which takes others on a journey to discover how their consumerism impacts on the world. 

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