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Profile: David Buckland

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David Buckland
Artist and Cape Farewell Director (UK)

David Buckland, artist and director, started the Cape Farewell project 8 years ago. His initial work with mathematical modelers and climate scientists was driven by artistic inquiry but due to the frustration of the scientific community to get Climate Change debated on any major public platform, he created Cape Farewell to address just this issue.

Eight years on and now, thankfully, climate change has risen to the top of the western agenda but for David the steer is still artistic inquiry. Artists have always aligned their work, directly or obliquely, to the prevailing agenda of cultural positioning, whether it be religion, the enlightenment or self greed. Climate change is no exception but the stakes for humanity are very high, it is about our social and economic survival and will question very basic assumed values we have evolved over the past 200 years.

Questioning these is the driver for David’s artistic inquiry and continues to be central to the work he is currently creating whether it be voyaging with a collection of our best creative practitioners or exhibiting his video and photographic works in urban venues worldwide.

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BBC London News

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Cape Farewell and the youth team are featured on BBC London news on BBC1 and 94.9FM. The feature focuses on the three students from London; Hayley, Akash and Liam who are voyaging with Cape Farewell as part of the youth voyage.

See the video online

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Profile: Beth Derbyshire

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Beth Derbyshire
Artist (UK)

Beth’s work is inspired by drawing, dance/contact, communication and information systems. Through their creation and installation the work seeks to explore what it means to be an individual in a world where we, and our surroundings, are frequently categorised and classified.

Beth is currently developing the project Anthem, a trilogy of musical films, which explore, dissect and offer different concepts of ‘nation’. It is a truly epic project, expressing contemporary ideas about citizenship and nationality and investigating themes of human migration and borders.  The final part of the trilogy will be shot during the Cape Farewell Greenland expedition.

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