Bad sea

By Ben // Thursday 27 Sep // 08:25:47 // 3 Comments

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A salty sea this morning… bad, bad sea.
(Duration: 1.05)

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  1. janet schroeder Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 11:50:08

    Bad, Bad Sea…but Good, Good Singing! Great to see you Ben, even if I am completely dizzy from watching. I must say, you all seem to be having fun there with that SUPER BAD SEA!!

    …Be careful all.

  2. Angela and Dick Jervey Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 12:27:32

    I’m smiling! So good to see you and hear your voice.

    LOve, mum

  3. Alan W Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 22:04:38

    You are taking good care of that boat, aren’t you, chaps? Remember, she IS a hundred years old!

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