Creating Ink Movement Drawings

By Dan // Sunday 30 Sep // 22:00:19 // 4 Comments

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Tags: Caroline Ross-Pirie·Clips·Dan Harvey·Matt Wainwright


  1. laura oliveira Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 15:16:26

    dear dan,
    send you and the crew lots of positive energy (whatch out !!!! the ice may melt !!!) this is hard enviroment !!!! looking forward to see you back in england. lots of love !

  2. Liam Upson Wednesday 3 Oct, 2007 // 16:14:19

    One final push and you will be over the line. Please tell us how you feel walking back on dry land again.

  3. Amy Love :) Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 11:31:57

    Hey Dan, i was just wondering how the beard was getting on, I couldn’t really see on the video!
    Hope you’re well and are coping without the AMY LOVE in a morning!
    Keep blogginig so we can see where you are and what you’re up to!

  4. Dan Thursday 11 Oct, 2007 // 8:44:56

    Finally arrived back to the place I call home…. very strange to be back in this part of the world and on dry land. I feel out of place. Need to adapt again…….
    More will follow…

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