Just like driving a Luton Van

By Matt // Friday 28 Sep // 21:57:13 // 4 Comments


Tags: Matt Wainwright


  1. carol brigstocke Sunday 30 Sep, 2007 // 9:22:39

    I hope if he manages to stagger up on deck that I will see aphoto of Marcus at the helm – even if it is just for the photo opportunity!

  2. Alan & Annie Wainwright Sunday 30 Sep, 2007 // 21:55:38

    The boat appears to be heading South instead of West …… and Matt steering …… mmmmm????? OK!

    How’s Marcus doing now? We’re missing his Telegraph diary – he did incredibly well to hold that last entry together.

  3. Lara Gordon Monday 1 Oct, 2007 // 10:52:25

    Matt – If I’d have known you’d be steering the boat I would have taken out extra insurance!! Maybe I’m not so jealous after seeing the photos of the sea.
    Take Care – would hate to see you, Marcus or Caroline go over board

  4. laraine shackley Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 10:22:36

    Hello Matt, this is your mum’s friend Laraine. What a great experience you and your friends are having. Enjoy it you’ll be back to reality soon enough. Personally I prefer the sun but each to his own. love the outfit!! Laraine

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