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Dan Harvey
Artist (UK)

Dan has collaborated with Heather Ackroyd since 1990. In 2007 Ackroyd & Harvey created their most ambitious public artwork to date, FlyTower on the National Theatre’s Lyttleton flytower. Here the artists grew seedling grass directly on the exterior of one of London’s landmarks, transforming this iconic building into a living artwork of massive proportions.

Since 2003 Dan and Heather have made three expeditions to Svalbard with Cape Farewell, investigating and responding to the effects of climate change. Their major work, Stranded was created for the Cape Farewell exhibition Art & Climate Change. Dan voyages with both the Youth and Greenland Expeditions in 2007.

How and why does loss matter?“The chemistry of our oceans is changing. It is now accepted that, if we continue unabated in our consumption of fossil fuel, the acidity of the oceans will increase incrementally and the life they support, from tiny carbonate shells and plankton upwards, will perish.

Does the loss of this young minke whale matter? We only know him through his death and we really know very little of his life. So we have embraced his loss and sought to re-appraise the value of his life. Here, where the gleaming crystals encase his lifeless bones, lies a memento mori for our times.”

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey 

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