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Vicky Long
Artist and Cape Farewell Project Director (UK)

Vicky has a background in theatre and scenography. Since 2005 she has produced exhibitions, events and film for Cape Farewell. Vicky enjoys working with a wide range of artists, to create work that gets right to the heart of what it is to be living today. She has worked in the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, India and Hong Kong and is excited by the internationalism of the Cape Farewell voyages in 2007. Vicky is also a voice-actor and singer and will keep a voice diary on the expedition, as well as recording poems, stories and songs, pertinent to the sea, the ice and our changing climate.

“Here is an opportunity for change. It will be exciting to look back in 30 years time and think, I was a part of that change.”
Dr. Chris West, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University

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