Rinse, Repeat

By Ben // Thursday 27 Sep // 02:24:57 // 2 Comments

More of the same, really.

(Well, not really, but the mere thought of composing-thoughts and words-wrenches my gut.  In fact, one of the oddest effects of life on the sea is how dumb one feels.  The way I figure it-a good 95-percent of one’s mind, that is normally free for thought and consideration, is now occupied by the most basic of actions, body movements that typically require only the subconscious.  As a result, we all become blabbering fools.  Well, for much of the time.  I for one have been ridiculously slaphappy, laughing at the dumbest of jokes, at fruit falling from a bowl and casting across the room, or at any of the dozens of remarkable falls by just about every crew member.)

So we’ll see how we’ll fill the time the next couple of days.  I spend the hours between watch wishing I could read the many great books aboard the boat, or the half-dozen plays I brought along, or that I could write something more considered than these half-minded  blog posts.  But I plead seastupidity (and a bit of sea sickness prevention, as I certainly don’t want to test my boundaries by spending too much time in front of small text, or a monitor, or a notebook).

Repesentative quote of the day:  “It really is about patience, isn’t t?  –Vikram on enduring this trip.

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  1. Angela and Dick Jervey Saturday 29 Sep, 2007 // 13:26:36

    Wow! Glad to hear your “voice” in your writing. Stay safe. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Bob Ouellette Sunday 30 Sep, 2007 // 10:15:58

    Ben: So you wont be joining the Navy any time soon! How is life on board, Food, quarters, and other conditions? Will you be setting foot on land during the journey? Any Mermaids?
    Uncle Bob

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