Brian at the helm

By Brian // Wednesday 26 Sep // 16:00:30 // 5 Comments


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  1. una Sunday 30 Sep, 2007 // 23:08:07

    The rains have begun in Vancouver, but that it appears, is nothing like real stormy weather…
    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!

  2. Rosaleen Ward Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 3:41:15

    I asked Angharad what she thought you were thinking and she said “Oh my God, there’s an iceberg” (she also says “hello”)
    Those clouds look similar to the ones up on the MK mountain. This must be such a wonderful experience.

  3. Jonathan Thursday 4 Oct, 2007 // 11:11:11

    Glad to hear you finally reached Greenland. I’ve been reading all the posts, and that last patch looked rough, terrifying, actually. Hope you’re holding up well. It’s hard to imagine from here that you’re actually on a boat off the coast of Greenland. Cheers, Jonathan

  4. Jonathan Thursday 4 Oct, 2007 // 11:12:36

    P.S. Make sure you cover up your face, you don’t want to get cold, as Renee would say.

  5. Lindsay Thursday 4 Oct, 2007 // 14:37:43

    Nice photo! I just read all the posts and you look pretty calm, considering. There’s no ice of any kind in Vancouver, but I’m warning you, it’s not exactly what you could call “dry land.” Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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