Vicky at the Helm

By gorm // Wednesday 26 Sep // 15:55:10 // 10 Comments


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  1. Fiona & Graham Long Thursday 27 Sep, 2007 // 16:26:09

    Hurrah, Vicky. You look like a proper sailor! How proud is your dad! Advanced Helmsman’s certificate can only be a throw away!! Ma

  2. Fee McHardy Saturday 29 Sep, 2007 // 20:40:40

    Aye Aye Vicky
    Am I completely dumb or can’t I find your poetifiying? Want to hear the arctic wind whistling…! xxfeee

  3. Barney Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 10:10:03

    Vics !

    How are you ? Nice orange hat lady !

    Thinking of you.

    Luv Barney and Miffy xx

  4. Amy =] Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 15:28:36

    Hey Vicky!

    You look in a pretty good mood there dude, sailing that ship! Who has my life jacket because they must be really happy,I passed the happiness on you see! Lets hope you come back still as happy! Hope its all going well. Missing our happy competitions. Love you lots!

  5. Amanda Grant Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 16:27:20

    Hey Vicky – looking good! Thinking of you. Amanda x

  6. Ali Thursday 4 Oct, 2007 // 7:25:54

    Skipperlong (skip-along)!

    So proud of you Vics. Reading the website the whole expedition looks amazing. Hear you’ve now sighted land. Hope you’re enjoying yourself. Thinking of you. Loads of love. Ali

  7. Claire Wilcox Thursday 4 Oct, 2007 // 21:06:49

    What a star – we are all thinking of you. Keep going – thinking of you. Much love, Claire

  8. Vicky B Sunday 7 Oct, 2007 // 15:58:42

    Love the volume of padding in your outfit! – imagine every layer is needed though…

    Hope it’s all going well and look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

    Lots of love,
    Vickyx (B)

  9. Jackaay Wednesday 10 Oct, 2007 // 10:08:10

    Aye Aye Captain! look at you at the helm – where is your helmet?!! can’t wait to hear all about your voyage! -j.

  10. Hilary Wednesday 17 Oct, 2007 // 10:31:54

    Hello Vicky! Wow, the whole trip looks amazing…as do you in that gear! Thinking of you and really proud of you. Sending lots of love across the seas, Hilary and Dan x..can’t wait for some songs

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