Arctic swimming madness

By Duncan // Friday 21 Dec // 15:32:38 // 3 Comments

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In and out… damn that had to be cold!

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  1. Amy Tuesday 15 Jan, 2008 // 20:58:45

    Oh wow! Ducan…you’re a dude! Just laughed for about 10mins & i had to reply it loadsa times too, Aha man…what an awesome trip! Never forget it…Love you all so much! 🙂

  2. Daniel Thursday 17 Jan, 2008 // 20:49:17

    It ain’t so cold:P I have been out in the water:O at least 15 min 😛 Daniel, Svalbard

  3. AmyLove Monday 18 Feb, 2008 // 18:28:57

    Love it! Had a fantastic time with loads of fantastic people!


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