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Hello everyone back at home!
Im in london and having a wonderful time. As you can see i have met everyone on the trip already (see image) that was taken during a lovely evening stroll along the Thames.This is my first on many posts to come. Everything is going well, everything cape farewell is comming along well. We have been in workshops and trainning all day. I have been constatly followed by cameras and i am getting rather used to it (i think that i could become a reality tv show star pretty soon). Im excited about leaving for the Arctic. We had a kit check and i think that i came out on top with my super canadian gear. ha. We leave on tomorrow and im really looking forward to it. Anyway i have to pass on the computer, but i will be back and there will be more to come and pictures will come shortly.

lots of love and waiting your comments,


p.s send me comments and i will answer them in my second video that will be up on wedensday the 19th at 12 mtl time. CHECK IT OUT!

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Arctic Q/A Session: Shona

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Watch the first clip from Shona at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)
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Canadian crew meet the Minister for Environment

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Doriana, Shona and Amélie set off on their Cape Farewell journey by meeting the Canadian Minister for Environment, The Honourable John Baird with Rebecca Zalatan and Martin Rose from the British Council, Canada.

The 3 Students were also wished bon voyage by all their felllow students at a special launch for the team.

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Getting people thinking

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“Young people have a voice and it should be heard” Hear from Shona on glacier mass balance and getting people thinking. (Duration: 30 secs)

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Profile: Shona

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Heritage High School, Montreal, Canada

Science Project
Shona wants to find out if the glaciers on Svalbard are melting, by studying the mass balance of a glacier. She will find out about the age of a glacier and its characteristics.

Art Project
She’d like to capture the beauty and significance of the Arctic’s glaciers and create a photographic installation in the entrance hall to her school.

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