18 days!

By Franziska // Sunday 11 Nov // 10:22:35 // 1 Comment

Hey guys, it is me again.

I just wanted to tell you that I can come to the meeting on the 29th. Great news! I have to prepare everything right now, you all know about my exchange. I land on the 28th and I guess my plane to london leaves at 07.oo in the morning…gonna be very stressed…

but i can’t wait and I count the days (18!)

a lot of love from hamburg xxxxxxxx


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1 Comment

  1. Amy Sunday 18 Nov, 2007 // 21:38:22

    Great to hear from you!
    So glad that you are coming on the 29th!
    Can’t wait to see you my love!
    My german is amazing now…HAHA!

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