Jethro Chisman is a dude that will create some bangin’ arctic tunes

By Jethro // Tuesday 18 Sep // 18:07:08 // 4 Comments

Hello again, Sorry about the problems on the blog, it was a problem with the host of the website.
The first days in Ny Alesund have been great! Ny Alesund is a scientific research community which we are docking at for the next few days. The water here is wavy because weather is getting rougher.

Yesterday we went back to the glacier that I shot my video next to, we didn’t walk on it this time but we created a brilliant piece of art using the ice. We made a sort of wall with a seat in the middle, it’s hard to explain but it was incredible. While we were doing this we saw a huge piece of ice break off the glacier. The noise that it made was thunderous!

Today we went to London; it’s an island just off the shore of Ny Alesund. When we went up to the top of the first hill on the island we saw a reindeer. It was incredible, we went within a few metres of it and it just briefly looked at us and carried on eating the plants there. To those that asked I’m working on the bangin’ arctic tunes.

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  1. Deborah Chisman Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 19:42:40

    Fantastic pics of the Ice sculptures, wish I could have a go! It’s great to think of an artwork being made with materials from the environment and then leaving them to slowly change and become part of the surroundings again, perhaps explored by the odd polar bear! I wonder how long it will last? I thought it looked like a sort of arctic stonehenge!

  2. Paula Hammond Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 9:22:30

    Looking forward to seeing you and Dr Brindle on Friday “live” in the Merlin! The question I’d like to ask is about your creative response to what you are experiencing – ie has it inspired you to write any music? or is it too overwhelming and you’ll need time to reflect and absorb it all? And have you seen any seals? Best wishes Paula from the Merlin Theatre

  3. kitkarl & becca and joe Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 13:55:01

    wake up jethro!!!
    look towards the light!!!
    watch out for the night zombies!!! ARGH!!!

    kitchin’ with lots of huggles from karly warly xxxx

  4. Ma & Pa Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 20:21:34

    Great new pics on the site, it looks like such an amazing landscape, you will be yearning for the sea in landlocked Frome. Somerset Sound want to interview you again on Tues 7-30am!!! can you speak at that time in the morning? I bet you have had some early starts on the boat. Anyway we are really enjoying watching the daily postings from everyone, hope you can all stay in touch after the trip.
    Mum & Dad
    PS how’s the guitar, strings holding up in the cold?

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